Danielle Steel's Star

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Danielle Steel's Star
Written by Danielle Steel (book)
Claire Labine
Directed by Michael Miller
Starring Jennie Garth
Craig Bierko
Terry Farrell
Original network NBC
Original release September 20, 1993

Danielle Steel's Star is a 1993 American made-for-television film starring Jennie Garth, Craig Bierko, Terry Farrell, Penny Fuller and Mitchell Ryan. This film is based on the novel Star by author Danielle Steel and is set in the 1970s. It was directed by Michael Miller and written by Danielle Steel and Claire Labine. Crystal Wyatt's singing voice during the song Timeless Love was performed by Megon McDonough (credited as Megan McDonough).[1]


Jennie Garth plays Crystal Wyatt, a sweet country girl. When her father dies, the life of Crystal soon becomes dramatic. Her brother-in-law rapes her in the farm. Crystal immediately tells her mother asking for support, but her mother refuses to believe her. Crystal confronts her brother-in-law with a shotgun, but in the fight the man shoots her brother dead. Crystal moves to San Francisco, where she becomes a waitress and singer. She falls for a charitable lawyer and kind army man, Spencer. They, though he is years older, have chemistry from the beginning and later begin a passionate relationship in her tumultuous life. Crystal rises up to stardom with her looks and voice and competes with life's circumstances to be with the man she adores. However, Spencer is put together with a woman named Elizabeth, a socialite who wants her life to be perfect and ordered. As Crystal's life winds down, Spencer's marriage and patience dwindles. Eventually, Crystal becomes pregnant and moves in with her childhood friend (played by Bryan Smith) with Spencer's child, but wants to let him get his life in order before they can be together. Eventually, he quits his associations with higher-ups, quits his marriage, and goes back to Crystal, where he discovers her with his 5-year-old son, Zeb. The movie ends on a happy note, even with much history been had, and it is assumed that they live the rest of their lives out in a storybook romance.


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