Danjiangkou Dam

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Danjiangkou Dam
Danjiangkou Reservoir.svg
Map of reservoir (dam in red)
Danjiangkou Dam is located in China
Danjiangkou Dam
Location of Danjiangkou Dam in China
Country China
Location Danjiangkou
Coordinates 32°33′22″N 111°29′17″E / 32.55611°N 111.48806°E / 32.55611; 111.48806Coordinates: 32°33′22″N 111°29′17″E / 32.55611°N 111.48806°E / 32.55611; 111.48806
Construction began 1958
Opening date 1973
Dam and spillways
Impounds Han river
Height 111.6 m (366 ft)
Length 2,494 m (8,182 ft)
Elevation at crest 176.6 m (579 ft)
Creates Danjiangkou Reservoir
Total capacity 17,450,000,000 m3 (14,146,945 acre·ft)
Power station
Commission date 1968-1973
Turbines 6 x 150 MW
Installed capacity 900 MW

The Danjiangkou Dam (Chinese: 丹江口大坝; pinyin: Dānjiāngkǒu Dàbà) is a concrete gravity dam on the Han river near Danjiangkou in Hubei Province, China. The original dam was constructed between 1958 and 1973. The dam creates a large Danjiangkou Reservoir.

In the 21st century, the Danjiangkou Dam became part of the South-North Water Transfer Project. In 2005-2009 its height was raised in order to increase the reservoir's capacity.


Originally it was 97 m (318 ft) tall and 2,494 m (8,182 ft) long. Since its heightening, the dam is now 111.6 m (366 ft) tall and 3,442 m (11,293 ft) long. The original crest elevation was 162 m (531 ft) and is now 176.6 m (579 ft). The increase in height will add 11,600,000,000 m3 (9,404,273 acre·ft) to the reservoir's capacity bring it to 29,050,000,000 m3 (23,551,218 acre·ft). Currently, the reservoir has a capacity of 17,450,000,000 m3 (14,146,945 acre·ft).[1][2][3]

The dam's power plant also contains 6 x 150 MW turbine generators for an installed capacity of 900 MW. This will increase with the heightened reservoir.[4]

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