Dark Sunset

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Dark Sunset
Dark banner.jpg
From left to right: Goh Wee Ping, Aenie Wong, Lawrence Wong, Moo Yan Yee, Zen Chong, Tracy Lee
Genre Mystery
Starring Moo Yan Yee
Lawrence Wong
Zen Chong
Aenie Wong
Tracy Lee
Opening theme 《黑色疑感》 by Wei En
Ending theme 《说爱》
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Distributor ntv7, MediaCorp TV
Original network ntv7 (Malaysia)
Mediacorp Channel 8 (Singapore)
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original release 17 November 2011 – 9 January 2012
Preceded by Kampong Ties
Followed by Secrets For Sale
Related shows Injustice
The Score (TV series)
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Dark Sunset is a Malaysian-Singaporean television drama series and the 24th co-production of MediaCorp TV and ntv7. It is also the fourth production by MediaCorp Studios Malaysia Sdn Bhd.[1][2] It was aired on ntv7 from 17 November 2011 to 9 January 2012.[3] In Singapore, it is expected to be broadcast in 2013.


This drama is based on real police cases. A mysterious death has taken place in a wealthy family. Ye Tingting is sent by the CID to investigate the cause of Lin Zhicai's death besides gathering evidence to charge Lin Wenfu for his illegal activities. While the Lin family appear like the dream wealthy family, dark secrets lurk within the four walls of their mansion, many dating back some thirty years.

When Lin Wenfu was a child, his father Lin Maogen was suspected of killing his four friends and business partners to pocket their profits. No bodies or evidence was found indicating that Lin Maogen was the killer and he vehemently denied any part in it. One of the men Ou Laifu's wife cursed him, saying that the Lin family line will end at Wenfu's son. The pregnant Mrs Ou hung herself at the gate of the Lins' house and Lin Maogen later died of a terrible mysterious illness.

At present, the Lin family has been receiving death threats after Zhicai's death was reported in the news. Kexin's dog is killed and its corpse sent to their house. Some "supernatural" incidents take place in the house. Then, tragedy befalls Lin Wenfu's own men one by one. Rumours indicate that perhaps "the curse" is at work again. A mysterious woman keeps turning up at the Lins' house to curse them and tell Wenfu's assistant Qiu Jiawei that "he has forgotten his roots". As time passes, Tingting realises that there is more to this "curse" than meets the eye and is determined to find the truth before someone else gets to it first.

Cast and characters[edit]

Cast Role Description
Moo Yan Yee Ye Tingting Sent by the CID on a convert operation to investigate the Lin family
Posed as Lin Zhicai's girlfriend in order to gather evidence about Zhicai's death and Wenfu's illegal dealings
Later falls for Qiu Jiawei.
Goh Wee Ping Shi Qiang The Lin family's gardener
Later married Kexin.
Zen Chong Qiu Jiawei Lin Wenfu's right-hand man
Orphaned as a child and taken in by Lin Wenfu
Falls for Ye Tingting
Lawrence Wong Chen Jianbang The Lin family's lawyer
His grandmother was Lin Maogen's ex-second wife.
Katie Lau Du Xiaoli Sent by C.I.D to aid Ting-Ting in her investigation.
Feon Lai Hong Yu Relative of Ou Laifu
Raised Jiawei as her own

Lin family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Johnny Ng Lin Wenfu The head of the Lin Family and son of Lin Maogen
Businessman by day, underworld boss by night
Aenie Wong Lin Kexin Lin Wenfu's eldest daughter, child of his first wife
Intensely dislikes Yueqin and her children
Maggie Theng Du Yueqin Lin Wenfu's second wife
Zhicai and Peixin's mother
Hero Tai Lin Zhicai Lin Wenfu's only son
Committed suicide (later suspected to be murder)
Had a special friendship with Shi Qiang, the gardener
Tracy Lee Lin Peixin Zhicai's younger sister
Had a crush on Jiawei
Ivonne Saw Zhao Siqi Lin Wenfu's third wife
Mentally fragile and disliked by most of the family
Lin Xiaoxin Siqi's autistic daughter
Candy Lim Luo Xiaoling Lin Wenfu's fourth wife
She was 'brought' in to the Lin Family by Siqi but later turned her back on Siqi.


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