Dark and cold years

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Dark and cold years
Date 1991-1995
Location Armenia
Also known as Energy crisis in Armenia

Dark and cold years (Armenian: Մութ ու ցուրտ տարիներ) refers to the energy crisis in Armenia during the 1990s, when the newly-independent Armenia's population, mainly in the energy and consumer goods lived in the shortage. Armenia and Artsakh were in "nakhazhamanakakits living conditions," and the population had to pit with water, candle light and kotratats rely on wood. English-language documents of that period, when Armenia and Artsakh Metsamor nuclear power plant shut down and Azerbaijan 's blockade because of some lack of fuel, often referred to as the energy of the crisis . Fuel shortages forced people burned whatever they could find, from the tree and ending with books, doors, and furniture.