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Pronunciation /ˈdærəl/ DARR-əl
Gender male and female

Daryl is an English name, a variant spelling of Darell.

Male variations of this name include: English: Darlin, Daryl, Darrell; French: Darryl, Darrell, Darrel.

Female and unisex variations of this name include: Daryl, Darian; Dareen, Darelle, Darlleen, Darrelle, and Darryl.

Less common variants include: Darel, Darille, Darolyn, Darrel, Darrell, Derrell, Darrelle, Darrellyn, Darrill, Darrille, Darrylene, Darrylin, Darryline, Darryll, Darrylyn, Darrylynn, Darylene, Darylin, Daryline, Daryll, Darylyn, Daryl, Darylyne, and Derrill.

Also Darryll is a very common spelling for female versions, especially when paired with a feminine middle name.



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