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Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars logo 2019.webp
  • WW: December 12, 2018 (Global)
Shoot 'em up[4]
Beat 'em up[5]
Mode(s)Multiplayer, Singleplayer

Brawl Stars is a freemium multiplayer mobile arena fighter/party brawler/shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Supercell.[6] On June 14, 2017, Supercell announced the game via a livestream video on YouTube. It received an iOS soft launch in the Canadian App Store the following day, June 15, 2017. The game was made available in Canada, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Malaysia App Stores on January 19, 2018. On June 26, 2018, Android received access to the game as a continuation of the soft launch. On November 14, 2018, Supercell announced its global launch on a YouTube stream.[7] The game was released globally on December 12th, 2018,[8] and made more than $63 million in its first month.[9]


Screenshot of gameplay in the "Bounty" mode

In Brawl Stars, players known as brawlers are ranked by their level and total trophies. Players collect brawlers and select one to use each game. Brawlers come in six rarity types: League Rewards, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary. There are currently 24 brawlers in the game, including eight League Reward Brawlers, three Rare Brawlers, four Super Rare Brawlers, three Epic Brawlers, three Mythic Brawlers and three Legendary Brawlers. Players get brawlers from Brawl Boxes, (with the exception of League Reward Brawlers, which are acquired via gaining trophies), which can be acquired from tokens or gems. Big Boxes can be acquired using gems or 10 Star tokens (earned by winning the first match in a map). Players can join clubs to play alongside other players. Brawl Stars provides seven non-ticketed events (Bounty, Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, Heist, Solo Showdown, Duo Showdown, Siege) and three ticketed events (Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, Big Game), totaling to 10 unique game modes.[10] With the recent addition of event modifiers, which introduce special mechanics to each of the non-ticketed events, players will find over 20 distinct ways to play the game.[11]


In 2019 Red Bull hosted a Brawl Stars tournament that required each team to have a YouTube content creator. The finals were held on February 2, 2019.[12]


Brawler Name Rarity Type Attack Super Star Power
Shelly Starting Brawler Fighter Buckshot Super Shell Shell Shock
Nita Trophy Road Rewards Fighter Rupture Overbearing Bear With Me
Colt Sharpshooter Six-Shooters Bullet Storm Slick Boots
Bull Heavyweight Double-Barrel Bulldozer Berserker
Jessie Fighter Shock Rifle Scrappy! Energize
Brock Sharpshooter Rockin' Rocket Rocket Rain Incendiary
Dynamike Thrower Short Fuse Big Barrel O' Boom Dyna-Jump
Bo Fighter Eagle-eyes Catch A Fox Circling Eagle
El Primo Rare Heavyweight Fists Of Fury Flying Elbow Drop El Fuego
Barley Thrower Undiluted Last Call Medical Use
Poco Healer Power Chords Encore Da Capo!
Rico Super Rare Sharpshooter Bouncy Bullets Trick Shot Super Bouncy
Darryl Heavyweight Double Deuce Barrel Roll Steel Hoops
Penny Sharpshooter Plunderbuss Old Lobber Last Blast
Carl Sharpshooter Pickaxe Tailspin Power Throw
Piper Epic Sharpshooter Gunbrella Poppin' Ambush
Pam Healer Scrapstorm Mama's Kiss Mama's Hug
Frank Heavyweight Hammer Hit Stunning Blow Power Grab
Mortis Mythic Dashing Assassin Shovel Swing Life Blood Creepy Harvest
Tara Skirmisher Triple Tarot Gravity Black Portal
Gene Support Smoke Blast Magic Hand Magic Puffs
Spike Legendary Sharpshooter Needle Grenade Stick Around! Fertilize
Crow Toxic Assassin Switchblade Swoop Extra Toxic
Leon Stealthy Assassin Spinner Blades Smoke Bomb Smoke Trails



The game was nominated for "Mobile Game" and "EE Mobile Game of the Year" at the 15th British Academy Games Awards.[13]


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