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Data Dynamics Ltd.
Limited liability company
IndustryComputer software
Research and development
Visual Component Development
FounderIssam Elbaytam, Ferhat Buyukkokten
Columbus, Ohio
Key people
Tim Moffatt (President), Issam Elbaytam (VP Technical Marketing), Ferhat Buyukkokten (VP Development)

Data Dynamics, Ltd. a software development company that creates software components for application developers using Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET platform. The company's primary product focus is on data analysis and information reporting. The company was founded in 1996 in Columbus Ohio [1] by American immigrants.[2]


Released in 1996, DynamiCube was the first ActiveX control that allowed OLAP multidimensional analysis capabilities for client/server and browser-based Internet applications.[3][4] ActiveBar was the first ActiveX control providing developers with a tool to create detachable menus and toolbars similar to those in the Microsoft Office applications.[5] ActiveReports was the first ActiveX Designer report writer offering developers full report writing capabilities as well as extensive export formats. ActiveReports was also the first ActiveX Designer released outside of Microsoft.[6] ActiveReports for .NET was the first third party reporting tool for Visual Studio .NET that was entirely written in managed code.



DynamiCube 1.0 Released. One of the first 32-bit ActiveX Controls for Visual Basic 4.0.

DynamiCube 1.3 released in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0's ActiveX Capabilities. DynamiCube is the first product that brings interactive OLAP capabilities to ActiveX-enabled pages posted on the World Wide Web.[7]


DynamiCube 2.0 Released. Added full internationalization support with Unicode and removed dependencies external frameworks such as MFC making it small (350KB) and limiting "DLL Hell" deployment problems.[8]

ActiveBar 1.0 Released. ActiveBar is the first third-party developer component to allow developers to integrate Office 97 style menus and toolbars into their applications.[9] ActiveBar was later ported to the Windows NT Alpha platform.[10]


ActiveReports for Visual Basic is the first ActiveX Designer for Visual Basic created outside of Microsoft.[11]


ActiveBar 2.0 Released.[11]


ActiveReports 2 for Visual Basic is released with report designer component that developers can embed into their own applications for end users to design reports.[12]


ActiveReports is ported and released for Microsoft's .NET. platform.[13]

#Grid, a grid ActiveX Control is released.[14]

SharpUI is a component for .NET Windows Forms that enables developers to provide Office 2003, OfficeXP, Office 2000, and Internet Explorer style menus and toolbars, as well as a set of themed data bound input controls.[15]


A 2D and 3D chart control with data binding capability and runtime customization is released from .NET.[16]


ActiveReports 2.0 for .NET is released that includes integrated charting and other enhancements.[17]


Data Dynamics Reports, a new reporting toolset for the Windows Platform is released.[18]


ActiveReports was localized and sold in Japan by a strategic partner GrapeCity which localized ActiveReports for Japanese programmers. In addition to localizing the user interface and documentation, GrapeCity performed quality testing for Japanese usage of the product and requested new features. After a long association with the company, in October, 2008, GrapeCity announced their acquisition of Data Dynamics, in Columbus, Ohio.[19] Shortly after the acquisition Tim Moffatt, a founder and President of the company, died.[20] In June, 2012, GrapeCity announced their acquisition of ComponentOne. As a result, GrapeCity plans to sell ActiveReports under the brand of ComponentOne outside Japan.[21] To the future of ComponentOne Reports, another reporting tool sold by ComponentOne, no statement was given.

Critical reception[edit]

ActiveReports was reviewed by 15 Seconds, highlighting excellent performance and citations for excellent customer service on this product's dedicated news groups. Criticisms included the requirement for VisualBasic knowledge, complex ASP integration and its unpredictability.[22]

Data Dynamics has won industry awards[23] including "Readers Choice" from Fawcette Technical Publications, "Best Selling and Best of Class" from VBxtras, "Editor’s Choice" from Advisor Publications, "Productivity Award" from Software Development Magazine (Jolt),[24] "Programmer’s Paradise Best Selling Component", and "People’s Choice" from MSD2D.


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