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Daud Khel (Urdu: داؤُدخيل‎), is one of the major towns of Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan.


The town is located at 32°52'60N 71°34'0E at an altitude of 207 meters [1]


The town's population is approximately 1 lac. Some 70% of the population lives in urban areas while 30% lives in suburban villages.Jawan

Social situation[edit]

Daud Khel is a major industrial city of Mianwali District. It is also an agricultural city of Mianwali and increasingly also a trading city. Maple Leaf Cement factory is situated in it. Pak-American Fertilizer industry is also situated in it. The only penicillin factory was also built in it but due to latest advancements in medicies, this factory was closed and recently, its building has also been demolished.

The majority of the population in the city belong to Niazi[disambiguation needed] tribe. The sub-casts of Khan tribe include Behram khel, Kanwary Khel, Alawal zareef khel, Khader Khel,Sarfo Khel,Ameeray Khel, Janubi Wandi,Nai Wandi, Sharif Khel,Small khel,Daoo khel,Salaar,Lammay khel.....

Drug addiction[edit]

Despite of the fact that youth of Daud Khel is getting educated, Daud Khel has been traditionally known for a large number of drug addicts. Campaigns and efforts by the society has lead to significant decrease in number of drug addicts.


Coordinates: 33°28′N 71°56′E / 33.467°N 71.933°E / 33.467; 71.933