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David Bravo in a conference in the Granada Byte Festival en 2007

David Bravo Bueno (born February 20, 1978) is a Spanish lawyer specialized in intellectual property rights.

He is well known for his strong defense of the right to make a private copy of copyrighted works, as it is explicitly allowed by the Spanish legislation. He is often requested to participate in TV debates about so-called piracy and p2p file sharing.

Private copy[edit]

Bravo argues that downloading files is undoubtedly legal and uploading, although more controversial, is surely not a crime, within the current Spanish legislation.[1] His views are grounded mainly on the Intellectual Propierty Law (1996), Article 31, 2nd Chapter, "Reproduction without authorization" and the Penal Code, Article 270.[2] The SGAE (General Association of Authors and Editors) strongly disagrees with Bravo and the Spanish government often makes campaigns backing SGAE's views on the matter[citation needed].


  • Copia este libro (Copy this book): among many other issues, Bravo discusses how the current Spanish legislation allows the right to copy copyrighted works without the author's consentment ("private copy").[3]


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