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For the English cricketer, see David Butcher (cricketer).
Parliament of New Zealand
Years Term Electorate Party
1978–1981 39th Hastings Labour
1981–1984 40th Hastings Labour
1984–1987 41st Hastings Labour
1987–1990 42nd Hastings Labour

David John Butcher (born 1948) is a former New Zealand politician of the Labour Party.

He represented the electorate of Hastings in Parliament from 1978 to 1990, when he was defeated by Jeff Whittaker: one of a number of losses contributing to the fall of the Fourth Labour Government. He was a Cabinet minister, and Minister of Energy.

He attended Karamu High School in Hastings with broadcaster Paul Holmes, and Victoria University of Wellington. From 1972-74 He worked as an economist in the Labour Department, Wellington. During 1974-75 he travelled overseas to Malaysia, Austria, UK, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Spain, Portugal and France. From 1976 until 1978 he was a Field Officer for the Wellington Clerical Workers' Union and the New Zealand Labourers' Union in Hawke's Bay. He stood unsuccessfully for the seat of Hawkes Bay three times, in the 1969 election, 1972 election and 1975 election, before becoming an MP for the seat of Hastings in the 1978 election.[1]

As a Minister, David Butcher had responsibility for ensuring that privatised utilities operated in a competitive environment, or were subjected to appropriate regulation. Since 1990 he has worked on assignments in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Since 1990 he has been the Manager of David Butcher and Associates.[2]

Recent assignments by DBA have included a Policy and Regulatory Reform of Telecommunications in Cambodia (2007–08), Privatisation of Telecommunications in Mongolia (2004–07), a Review of Budget Entities in Mongolia (2006), Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy, Bangladesh (2004–05), Restructuring Public Enterprises, South Africa (2003), the East Timor Power Sector Rescue Mission (2002) and the Central Asia Power Transmission Rehabilitation (2001–02). DBA carried out a review of the Telecommunications Regulatory System in the Lao PDR (2002), the World Bank "Strengthening Telecommunications Regulation in Cambodia" (2001) and a review of utility regulation in Vietnam (2000).[citation needed]

DBA was engaged to report on Regulatory Reform at the 1999 Mekong Sub-Regional Telecommunications Forum. In 1999 DBA worked on developing an electricity market in Gugandong, China and was responsible for institutional work in the preparation for electricity reform in Yunnan. In 2005 David undertook a study of electricity regulation in Central Asia, China and Mongolia. The ADB published a book based on this study and David Butcher was the keynote speaker at the Central Asia Electricity Regulators Form in Beijing in July 2005.[citation needed]

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