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David Valdes (born August 12, 1950, in Los Angeles) is an American film producer known for working in the western genre and collaborating with Clint Eastwood.


Valdes first started out his career as an assistant director for films like Oh, God! Book II, The Outsiders and Tightrope, (which he also had a minor role in).

He became good friends with Eastwood after Tightrope and soon Valdes was promoted to associate producer/assistant director on 1985's Pale Rider. He went on as producer and production manager on other Eastwood films like The Dead Pool, Bird, Pink Cadillac, White Hunter Black Heart and Unforgiven.

Valdes received his first Oscar nomination for The Green Mile along with the film's director-producer-screenwriter Frank Darabont.[1]

Valdes has since been producing more western films, as well as some science fiction films such as The Time Machine, Babylon A.D., and I Am Number Four.[2]



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