Deal, Pennsylvania

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Deal is an unincorporated community near Meyersdale in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, 21 miles northwest of Cumberland, Maryland. Deal is situated at the top of the Allegheny Mountains near Mount Davis. A post office existed here in the 1880s.[citation needed]

Deal was the Western Maryland Railway summit of the Alleghenies on the Connellsville Subdivision. The elevation at Deal is 2,375 feet (724 m). Cumberland was 21 miles away with a 1.75% grade drop; and Connellsville, Pennsylvania, was 65 miles away, with a 0.08% grade drop. It was considered the easiest railroad crossing of the Alleghenies.[citation needed] Deal was not just the top of the mountain for the railroad but also the crossing of the Eastern Continental Divide. Deal had a passing railroad siding and two setoff tracks. Four tracks were located east of Deal, including a 110-car storage track. In the steam days a water tower existed in Deal.[citation needed] A train order office existed but was closed in the 1950s, although it remained in use by service and work crews.[citation needed] The order office closed because of Centralized Traffic Control that was installed between the portions of Cumberland and Deal. Deal was a crew-change point on the railroad.[citation needed] Today the Great Allegheny Passage uses the entire Western Maryland Connellsville Subdivision's right-of-way between Cumberland and Connellsville.

Coordinates: 39°45′40″N 78°55′52″W / 39.761°N 78.931°W / 39.761; -78.931