Death in Ecstasy

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Death in Ecstasy
First edition
Author Ngaio Marsh
Language English
Series Roderick Alleyn
Genre Detective fiction
Publisher Geoffrey Bles
Publication date
Media type Print ()
Preceded by The Nursing Home Murder
Followed by Vintage Murder

Death in Ecstasy is a detective novel by Ngaio Marsh; it is the fourth novel to feature Roderick Alleyn, and was first published in 1936.

When lovely Cara Quayne dropped dead to the floor after drinking the ritual wine at the House of the Sacred Flame, she was having a religious experience of a sort unsuspected by the other initiates. Discovering how the fatal prussic acid got into the bizarre group's wine is but one of the perplexing riddles that confronts Scotland Yard's Inspector Roderick Alleyn when he's called to discover who sent this wealthy cult member to her death.

Radio and television adaptations[edit]

A television episode in 1964 had Geoffrey Keen in the lead role, Keith Barron as Nigel Bathgate, Joss Ackland as Jasper Garnett and Nigel Hawthorne as a temple doorkeeper. [1]

A dramatisation by John Tidyman of the novel was broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Night Theatre in September 1969, with Peter Howell as Alleyn and Gary Watson as Nigel Bathgate.[2]

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