Debt of Honour

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For the Tom Clancy novel, see Debt of Honor. For the 1922 film, see A Debt of Honour.
Debt of Honour
Directed by Norman Walker
Produced by John Corfield
Written by Cyril Campion
Thomas J. Geraghty
Herman C. McNeile (story)
Starring Leslie Banks
Will Fyffe
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Cinematography Robert Martin
Distributed by General Film Distributors
Release date
2 November 1936
Running time
83 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Debt of Honour is a 1936 British drama film directed by Norman Walker and starring Leslie Banks, Will Fyffe, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Garry Marsh. Based on a story by Sapper, and scripted by Tom Geraghty and Cyril Campion, the film is also known as The Man Who Could Not Forget.[1]

It was made at Elstree Studios by British National Films.[2]


A Colonel's daughter steals from the regimental mess funds to pay off her gambling debts. One of the officers, who is love with her, takes the blame, and is sent to Africa.[1]



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