Deca Loših Muzičara

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Deca Loših Muzičara
Background information
Also known as DLM
Origin Belgrade, Serbia
Genres Funk rock
Years active 1988 – 2009
2011 – present
Labels BOOM 93, Metropolis Records, PGP-RTS, Radio Index, Sorabia Disc, Take It Or Leave It, Vinilmanija
Associated acts Del Arno Band, Direktori, Plejboj, The Dibidus
Members Nenad Petrović
Zoran Milivojević
Zoran Živković
Borislav Veličković
Mihajlo Bogosavljević
Goran Đorđević
Past members Aleksandar Siljanovski
Ivan Jevtović
Vladan Miljković
Kristijan Mlačak
Branko Trijić
Đorđe Anđelić
Ivan Blagojević
Dušan Petrović
Jova Jović

Deca Loših Muzičara (Serbian Cyrillic: Деца Лоших Музичара; trans. Bad Musicians' Children), often abbreviated to DLM, are a funk rock band from Belgrade. They were one of the most popular Serbian bands in the early 1990s. Most DLM songs are fast and furious funk rock, but melodic, adorned with trumpet and saxophone lines.



The band was formed in 1988 by Jova Jović (guitar), Aleksandar Siljanovski "Silja" (vocals), Vladan Miljković Milje (saxophone), Zoran Milivojević Mikac (drums), Zoran Živković (bass guitar), Đorđe Anđelić Kića (trumpet) and Ivan Blagojević "Uške" (trumpet). Saxophonist Dušan Petrović was also a temporary band member, but soon moved to Plejboj. After Blagojević's departute, trumpet player Bora Veličković joined the band. The band won the first place at the last Youth Festival in Subotica in 1990, and the song "Doživotno osuđen na ljubav" ("Sentenced to Love for Life ") was published on the festival compilation album.

The recording of the band's debut album Dobar dan (Good day), produced by Vlada Žeželj, was finished in early 1992, but it was a year later that the album was released. Influenced by the, at the time popular, American rock sound and colored with brass sections, with the prominent songs "Kreditna kartica" ("Credit card"), which partially features lyrics in Slovene language as Siljanovski spoke the language, "Zeka" ("Bunny"), "Ljubomora" ("Jealousy")and "Mara", provided the band's growing popularity. The album also featured two bonus tracks, "Ja sam tvoj čovek" ("I am your man") and "Njena je, njena je" ("It belongs to her, it belongs to her"). The band also represented Yugoslavia at the Music Days festival held in Strasbourg. In the meantime, the band's brass section started recording and performing with the oi! punk rock band Direktori. The band also appeared in the Srđan Dragojević movie Dva sata kvalitetnog TV programa (Two hours of quality TV programme) performing a cover version of Metak song "Da mi je biti morski pas" ("If I were a shark").

The second album, Prolećni dan (A spring day), accompanied with songs "Vlade Divac", devoted to the famous basketball player, "Konji ritma" ("Rhythm horses") and the title track became essential part of the band's live performances. The song "Ubiše Pabla" ("Pablo got killed") featured improvised lyrics in Spanish language. The album was produced by the band themselves, and Puroni on percussion and Dež Molnar on saxophone appeared as guests on the album. The band also recorded a cover version of the AC/DC single "Let There Be Rock", which was released on the various artists compilation Ovo je zemlja za nas?!? (This is the land for us?!?) and released by BOOM 93, and appeared on the Radio Index various artists compilation Nas slušaju svi, mi ne slušamo nikoga (Everybody listens to us, we listen to nobody) with a live version of "Dobar dan" ("Good day"), recorded at Dom Omladine in Belgrade and "Vi što maštate o sreći" ("You who dream of happiness").

The 1998 album Virus featured the music the band recorded for the Dušan Kovačević theater play of the same name. The album featured the songs, "Ljubav" ("Love"), featuring lead vocals by the starring actor Ivan Jevtović, and "Dezodorans" ("Deodorant"), and the rest of the released material consisted of instrumental tracks, including a cover version of Maurice Ravel's Boléro. During the same year, the band wrote music for another play, Siniša Kovačević's Kraljević Marko, in which the band appeared as live performers and acting minor roles. The band also appeared on the Drž'te jih! To nisu Niet!!! (Get 'Em! They Are Not Niet) tribute album to the Slovenian band Niet, with the song "Zastave" ("Flags").

DLM performing at Belgrade Beer Fest in 2007

After an 8-year discography break, in 2005, the band recorded a new album ...gde cveta samsung žut (... where the yellow samsung blooms) in a new lineup. Beside Siljanovski, Milivojević, Živković and Veličković, the new members were trombonist Mihajlo Bogosavljević, a former Havana Whispers member and Del Arno Band guitarist, and guitarist Goran Đorđević "Đole". The song lyrics for the album were written by Miljković, who in the meantime had moved to Slovenia. During the Spring of the following year, Siljanovski left the band and was replaced by Ivan Jevtović, a long-time friend of the band.

In late June 2009, the band officially announced their disbandment, stating no specific reason.[1]


In December 2011, the band reunited, having their reunion performance at the Concert of the Year in Novi Sad on 10 December.[2] The band celebrated 20 years since the release of their debut album with a performance on Vračar Rocks Festival on 22 March 2012.[3] In March 2013, the band celebrated 25 years since the beginning of their career by releasing the song "Flora & Fauna".[4]

In March 2015, Jevtović left the band. Both him and the rest of the members stated that they mutually agreed to part ways due to Jevtović's acting obligations, and that they would probably cooperate again in the future.[5] The band's new vocalist became Nenad Petrović, with whom the band performed for the first time on May 2, 2015 in Novi Sad.[6]


In 2006, the song "Dobardan!" was ranked No. 36 on the B92 Top 100 Domestic Songs list.[7]

In 2011, the song "Prolećni dan" was polled, by the listeners of Radio 202, one of 60 greatest songs released by PGP-RTB/PGP-RTS during the sixty years of the label's existence.[8]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Dobar dan (1992)
  • Prolećni dan (1995)
  • Virus (1998)
  • ...gde cveta samsung žut (2005)


  • "Doživotno osuđen na ljubav" (1990)
  • "Let There Be Rock" (1997)
  • "Dobar dan (Live)" / "Vi što maštate o sreći" (with Rambo Amadeus, 1997)
  • "Zastave" (1998)


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