Dekha Ek Khwaab

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Dekha Ek Khwaab
Dekha Ek Khwaab Logo.jpg
Genre Drama
Written by Ritu Bhatia
Ishita Moitra
Directed by Sagar Kagra
Deepak Thakur
Creative director(s) Persis Siganporia
Starring Priyal Gor
Ashish Kapoor
(For entire cast see below)
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 173
Producer(s) Shrishti Arya
Goldie Behl
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 20-25 minutes
Production company(s) Rose Audio Visuals
Original network Sony Entertainment Television India
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 21 November 2011 – 2 August 2012
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Dekha Ek Khwaab (English: Saw A Dream, Hindi: देखा एक ख़्वाब) was an Indian soap opera that aired on Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The series premiered on 21 November 2011[1] and went off air on 2 August 2012.[2][3]

It is the story of Moniya, a girl who makes a wish to become a princess.[4][5] Her wish comes true overnight as she discovers that she is the long lost princess of the Devgarh Royals.[4]its also adapted little from taiwanese drama romantic princess 2007


The series revolves around a 19-year-old girl named Moniya, who has a dream to become a Princess and eventually discovers that she is Rajkumari Manyata, the crown princess of Devgarh. Manyata was kidnapped at the age of three, and had been living with Murari Lal, the poor watchman kidnapped her in order to take revenge from her father, Maharaj Brijraj when he drove his car over Murari's wife and children while drunk. She had been under the illusion that Murari was her father, and never gave much thought to why he was so protective of her. Murari had been hopping from one place to another to keep Moniya away from her real family.

After fifteen years Murari takes Manyata to Mumbai, where Manyata's real family is also residing, she falls in love with a commoner named Akash Verma. There she finally gets to know about her past and is brought back to her own family, the Devgarh Royals. While Murari is put behind the bars. But Manyata acts rudely with her family, not believing the truth and attempting to run away. Yuvraj Udayveer Singh of Jaigarh (Uday), to whom Manyata was engaged at the age of 3, tries to make friendship with her, and Manyata's relationship with him takes off with a very rocky start but they eventually become friends. As Uday finds out about Manyata's and Akash's love affair he becomes upset as he too has fallen in love with Manyata. Jainandini (Manyata's younger sister) gets mad about this as she has liked Uday since childhood. Rajmata Mrinalini Devi (Queen Mother of Devgarh and Manyata's paternal grandmother) tries to keep Manyata away from Akash so that Uday can marry her. But Manyata finds out about this plan. Frustrated of all Uday calls Akash to meet him by a cliff where they end up fighting; Akash falls over the cliff. Jainandini records their fight on her cell phone and starts blackmailing Uday.

While, on the other hand Manyata getting to know that Akash is missing, unknown of the truth, she takes up the goal to become a perfect princess. Rajmata wants to decide who the family's heir would be. She chooses Jainandini because of Manyata's irresponsible attitude but Manyata too voices her opinion. The priest hence arranges three exams to see who of the two should be the heir. Jainandini creates many obstacles for Manyata in this, she also tries to kill Manyata but Manyata wins and after she is declared the 21st heiress or Yuvrani of Devgarh[6] she leaves Jainandini with a warning.

After her coronation ceremony, Uday proposes to Manyata. But Manyata finds out how he pushed Akash off the cliff and hence she gets Uday arrested. Uday gets out of jail on a bail and informs Manyata about a contract between Rajmata and Uday's father, Maharaj Girijraj, which says that the Yuvrani of Devgarh will be married to the Yuvraj of Jaigarh (Heir of Jaigarh), but Manyata is nowhere to marry him. But after Uday states that the whole property of Devgarh has been brought by him and would be rightfully Manyata's only after their marriage, she is forced to marry him. At the same time Rajmata stays unaware about all the happenings as Jainandini, who is still ragging for revenge, makes Rajmata meet with a fall, which takes her to coma.

On the other hand, Jagat Singh Rathore (Jainandini's ex-fiance) comes back and Jainandini, who is determined to take revenge, starts using him. Manyata has to fight several problems created by Uday. Jagat tells Jainandini about one of his friends named Aryan Rai Choudhary and he turns out to be Akash, alive, leaving Jainandini shocked. But he has turned evil and wants to harm the royal families while earlier he only wanted Manyata as Moniya without harming her family. While on the other hand, Manyata unaware about this gets to know the plans of Uday and her father, he also gets to know about Maharaj Brijraj, her father's ex-love, Maya and unable to take the pains of continuous revenges from Uday and his father against her and her family, she is forced to marry him. Manayta comes to know about Aryan, who claims that he is not Akash and tells him to be the fiance of a girl named, Tara, but finally agrees to be Akash. During Manyata's and Uday's wedding, Manyata realises her love for Uday and goes to meet Akash for the last time. But this does not go too well since Jaynandini sits on the bride's alter as Manyata. Uday realises it and turns hostile. Manyata comes back but it is too late and Uday breaks his marriage contract. Now, Jaynandini takes the opportunity to try to win back Uday while Uday tries to make Manyata jealous.

Uday hosts a party and Manyata gets upset seeing him dance with Jainandini. While Manyata dances with Uday, she professes her love to him and he reciprocates her feelings. However, Akash and Jainandini team up to create misunderstandings among them. Unnati advises Jainandini to stop. Uday meets with an accident that was caused by his anger initiated by a misunderstanding between the couple. Manyata is heart broken, laments and spends day and night in prayer for Uday's recovery. Manyata is reassured of Uday's love when his lawyer tells Manyata that Uday has given back her land that he had bought earlier for revenge. Uday learns about Manyata's prayers and devotion for him to recover. Manyata and Uday reunite.

Cast and characters[edit]

Actor Character Details
Devgarh Royal Family
Priyal Gor Yuvrani Rajkumari Manyata Udayveer Singh/ Moniya Female protagonist and Udayveer's fiance and love. Heiress of the Devgarh Royal Family and the elder daughter of Mahrani Komal and Maharaj Brijraj.
Shritama Mukherjee Rajkumari Jainandini (J) Antagonist. Manyata's younger sister and younger daughter of Maharani Komal and Maharaj Brijraj.
Aruna Irani Rajmata Mrinalini Devi Grandmother of J and Manyata, and the Queen Mother of Devgarh.
Shahbaz Khan Maharaj Brijraj Father of J and Manyata, husband of Maharani Komal and son of Rajamta. He is also a good friend of Maharaj Giriraj.
Anita Kulkarni Maharani Komal Devi Mother of J and Manyata, and wife of Maharaj Brijraj.
Jaigarh Royal Family
Ashish Kapoor Yuvraj Rajkumar Udayveer Singh / Uday Male protagonist. Son of Grijraj. The fiance and love of Manyata. He is very ambitious.
Ankita Bhargava Rajkumari Unnati Daughter of Grijraj, a good friend of Manyata and sister of Udayveer.
Amit Behl Maharaj Giriraj Friend of Brijraj, father of Uday and Unnati.
Singh Family
Mark Farokh Parakh Rajkumar Vijayendra Singh / Vijay Son of Mainka. Manyata's and J's cousin brother. He earlier helped Jai to put Manyata down her but later leaves J' company and becomes Manyata's trustable friend.
Sujata Sehgal Mainka Singh Sister of Brijraj, aunt of Jai and Manyata and mother of Vijay.
(Unknown) Pratap Singh Father of Vijay and husband of Mainka.
Other Important Characters
Rajesh Jais Murari Lal Manyata's adoptive father.
Kuldeep Malik Doctor Saheb Family doctor of the Devgarh Royal Family.
Abhishek Rawat Aakash Verma / Aryan Rai Chawdhury Antagonist. Manyata's ex-boyfriend.
Bharat Kaul Mr. Rai Chawdhury Aryan's foster Father.
Kunal Bakshi Jagat Singh Rathore J' ex-fiance. A business man. Aryan's / Akash's friend.
(Unknown) Narendra Singh Rathore Jagat's father.
Falaq Naaz Tara Aryan's / Akash's so called girlfriend and fiance.
(Unknown) Maya Maharaj Brijraj's love interest. However, he did not marry her as she was not from a royal family.


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