Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Ak Zhol

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Democratic Party of Kazakistan Ak Zhol
Leader Azat Peruashev
Founded March 2002
Headquarters Astana
Ideology Liberalism[citation needed]
Political position Centre[citation needed]
Seats in Mazhilis
8 / 108
Politics of Kazakhstan
Political parties

Bright Path or Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Bright Path (Ak Zhol or Qazaqstan Demokratiyalyk Partiyasi Ak Zhol) is a political party in Kazakhstan.


A dissident group in the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan Movement founded Ak Zhol in March 2002. In November 2001 anti-Nazarbayev activists founded the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan. The radical stance of the movement was dissented by a group of moderate members who split from the movement in the spring of 2002 to form the new and rather moderate party which advocate a pro-reform, pro-business party line.
The party differs from Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan in that Ak Zhol leaders refrain from openly confronting Nursultan Nazarbayev. Ak Zhol was founded by Oraz Zhandosov, Bulat Abilov and Alikhan Baimenov. Later, the ex-information minister Altynbek Sarsenbaev joined the party.[1]


Ak Zhol received 12% of the votes at the last legislative elections in September 2004. Alikhan Baimenov refused to accept the only seat the party received at the 77 member Majlis until October 2006 when he reversed his position and joined parliament as the only deputy of an opposition party.[2] The party advocated democratization of the political system, particularly elections of governors (akims) at all levels of the administrative system.


In the spring of 2005, Sarsenbaev, Abilov and Zhandosov split from the party to form a dissident faction named Naghyz Ak Zhol (True Bright Path). At the last presidential elections on 4 December 2005 Ak Zhol did not join the coalition of opposition forces For a Just Kazakhstan and nominated Alikhan Baimenov, the chair, as the party candidate. Baimenov won 1.61% of the popular vote.[3] One of the party leaders who later joined the Naghyz Ak Zhol party, Altynbek Sarsenbaev, was killed near Almaty in February 2006 soon after the presidential elections. In the 18 August 2007 Assembly elections, the party won 3.27% of the popular vote and no seats. All seats were won by the ruling Nur-Otan party. In the 2012 Majilis election, the party won 8 seats and thus becoming one of three parties represented in the legislature; however, six out of seven parties contesting the election were said to be loyal to President Nazarbayev.

Election results[edit]


Election year Candidate # of overall votes  % of overall vote Result
2005 Alikhan Baimenov 108,730 1.61% Defeated


Election Seats won ± Total votes Share of votes Position Party leader
1 / 77
Increase1 12.00% Opposition
0 / 98
Decrease1 183,346 3.10% No seats in the Mazhilis
8 / 98
Increase8 518,405 7.47% Opposition


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