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The Majilis (Kazakh: Мәжіліс, also transliterated as Mazhilis; "Assembly" in Kazakh) is the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Kazakhstan, known as the Parlamenti, in the Government of Kazakhstan. The upper house of Parliament is the Senate of Kazakhstan. There are 107 seats (98+9). Members of Parliament are elected to five year terms.[1]

The Chairman of the Majilis is Kabybulla Jakupov.

Brief history[edit]

In the first election under the new parliamentary structure, all seats in both houses of parliament were contested in December 1995; runoff elections filled twenty-three seats in the Majlis for which the initial vote was inconclusive. International observers reported procedural violations in the Majlis voting. The new parliament, which was seated in January 1996, included sixty-eight Kazak and thirty-one Russian deputies; even ten deputies were women.[citation needed]

Chairmen of the Majilis[edit]

Name Period Born/Died
Marat Ospanov January 30, 1996–December 1, 1999 1949-2000
Jarmakhan Tuyakbay December 1, 1999–November 2, 2004 b. 1947
Ural Mukhamedzhanov November 2, 2004–September 2, 2007 1948-2013
Aslan Musin September 2, 2007–October 13, 2008 b. 1954
Ural Mukhamedzhanov October 13, 2008–January 20, 2012 1948-2013
Nurlan Nigmatulin January 20, 2012–April 3, 2014 b. 1962
Kabybulla Jakupov since April 3, 2014 b. 1949

Latest election[edit]

Mazhilis composition.
e • d Summary of the 15 January 2012 Mazhilis election results
Parties Votes % Seats
National Democratic Party "Nur Otan" ("Light of the Fatherland") 5,621,436 80.99 83
Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Ak Zhol ("Bright Path") 518,405 7.47 8
Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan 498,788 7.19 7
Nationwide Social Democratic Party 116,534 1.68 0
Kazakhstani Social Democratic Party Auyl ("Village") 82,623 1.19 0
Party of Patriots of Kazakhstan 57,732 0.83 0
Democratic Party Adilet 45,702 0.66 0
Total (turnout 75.4%) 7,018,927 100.00 98

Source: KazInform

Members (since 1990)[edit]


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