Demolition Man (pinball)

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Demolition Man
DM pinball.jpg
Manufacturer Williams[1]
Release date February 1994
System Williams WPC (DCS)
Design Dennis Nordman
Programming Ted Estes, Bill Grupp
Artwork Doug Watson, Linda Deal (backglass)
Mechanics Win Schilling, Armando Zuniga
Music Jon Hey
Sound Jon Hey
Voices Sylvester Stallone (John Spartan)
Wesley Snipes (Simon Phoenix)
Production run 7,019

Demolition Man is a Williams pinball machine released in February 1994. It is based on the motion picture of the same name. It is part of WMS' SuperPin line of widebody games.

Sylvester Stallone (John Spartan) and Wesley Snipes (Simon Phoenix) provided custom speech for this game during ADR sessions at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles under the direction of Jon Hey. Hey scored the music of the pinball game in part based upon the movie score by Academy Award winner Elliot Goldenthal, but including new music.

Multiball modes[edit]

This game is centered on multiball modes. The player has to shoot the left ramp when the "freeze" light is lit (lit by the right inlane) to "lock" a ball. When the required amount of locks are made, the player has to shoot the left loop to start multiball.

  • Fortress Multiball (2 balls required) - A normal multiball mode with 3 jackpots and the "Super Jackpot". 1-4 balls can be shot up.
  • Museum Multiball (3 balls required) - Jackpots everywhere, except the standups. After the "Super Jackpot" the Multiball starts over. 3-6 balls can be shot up.
  • Wasteland Multiball (4 balls required) - Same as "Fortress Multiball". If not getting the lighting jackpots, the next jackpot will appear and the previous jackpot will stay. 4-8 balls can be shot up.
  • Cryoprison Multiball (5 balls required) - The "Super Jackpot" is lit, from the beginning of the multiball. After getting the "Super Jackpot" it will lit again after hitting an arrow or more.

Completing all four multiball modes lights the right ramp for the wizard award, Demolition Jackpot, which is the total amount of all the jackpots collected during the game. The Demolition Jackpot is lost if the ball drains.

If you hit all jackpots in a multiball, the "Super Jackpot" light will lit. Getting the ball up to the "Cryo-Claw" whilst, you will get it. The "Super Jackpot" light turns off; if all the balls drain and the Multiball is over, the "Super Jackpot" is lost.

For pinball music aficionados, the Museum Multiball music is based upon Brahms' Second Symphony, 2nd Movement.

Cryo-Claw modes[edit]

The game's other main feature is the Cryo-Claw, which is located on the upper-left side of the playfield, and is lit at the left inlane. The awards are as follows:

  • Start AcMag - Hit the center to score extra points for a limited time.
  • Lock Freeze - If you already have the required frozen balls for a multiball you will get it now, but if not, you will get the required frozen balls for the next multiball.
  • Prison Break - "Car Chase" is lit, hit it to get extra points. Completing the "Car Chase" will give you a point reward.
  • Super Jets - Every time you hit a bumper, you get 1,000,000 points.
  • Capture Simon - Hit 3 arrows to get a reward.

Completing all of the Cryo-Claw modes lights the Underground shot for the wizard mode, Demolition Time. In this mode, three balls are launched into play, and all of the major shots are initially worth 15 million points. Hitting the five standup targets increases the base value of all the major shots by 5 million points, and launches another ball into play, up to five balls.


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