Deputy Chief of Army (Australia)

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Deputy Chief of Army (Australia)
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Rick Burr

since 4 January 2015
Style Major General
Website Australian Army Leaders

The Deputy Chief of Army (DCA) is the second most senior appointment in the Australian Army, responsible to the Chief of Army (CA). The rank associated with the position is major general (2-star).

The current appointee is Rick Burr who took up his posting in January 2015, succeeding Gus Gilmore who had served as the Deputy Chief of Army from September 2013.[1]


The following (incomplete) list chronologically records those who have held the post of Deputy Chief of Army or its preceding positions. Rank and honours are as at the completion of the individual's tour(s).

Rank Name Postnominals Term began Term ended Notes
Deputy Chief of General Staff
Brigadier General Blamey, ThomasThomas Blamey CB, CMG, DSO 1920 1923
Major General Northcott, JohnJohn Northcott CB, MVO October 1939 1941
Major General Rowell, SydneySydney Rowell CBE August 1941 April 1942
Major General Vasey, George AlanGeorge Alan Vasey CBE, DSO & Two Bars April 1942 September 1942
Major General Berryman, FrankFrank Berryman CBE, DSO September 1942 November 1943
Major General Chapman, JohnJohn Chapman DSO & Two Bars, OBE October 1944 March 1946
Major General Milford, EdwardEdward Milford CBE, DSO March 1946 May 1946
Major General Wells, HenryHenry Wells CBE, DSO 1946 1947
Major General Hopkins, RonaldRonald Hopkins CBE May 1950 February 1951
Major General Woodward, EricEric Woodward CBE, DSO 1951 1953
Major General Garrett, RagnarRagnar Garrett CBE 1953 1954
Major General Hassett, FrankFrank Hassett CBE, DSO, LVO January 1964 January 1966
Major General MacDonald, ArthurArthur MacDonald OBE 1966 1967
Major General Graham, Stuart ClarenceStuart Clarence Graham DSO, OBE, MC 1969 1972
Major General Whitelaw, JohnJohn Whitelaw AO, CBE 1977 1978
Major General Falkland, PeterPeter Falkland AO 1980 1982
Major General Gration, PeterPeter Gration OBE 1983 1983 [2]
Major General O'Donnell, LawrenceLawrence O'Donnell 1984 1985 [2]
Major General Day, PeterPeter Day 1985 1986 [2]
Major General Jeffery, MichaelMichael Jeffery AO, MC 1990 1991 [2]
Major General Grey, JohnJohn Grey AO 1991 1992 [2]
Major General Fittock, ArthurArthur Fittock AO 1992 1993 [2]
Deputy Chief of Army
Major General Hartley, JohnJohn Hartley AO 1995 1998 [2]
Major General Abigail, PeterPeter Abigail AO 1998 May 2000 [2]
Major General Leahy, PeterPeter Leahy AO May 2000 June 2002 [2]
Major General Roberts, FrankFrank Roberts AO June 2002 May 2004
Major General Gordon, IanIan Gordon AO May 2004 November 2006 [2]
Major General Cantwell, JohnJohn Cantwell AO January 2007 January 2008 [2]
Major General Morrison, DavidDavid Morrison AM January 2008 July 2009 [2]
Major General Symon, PaulPaul Symon AO July 2009 November 2011 [2]
Major General Sengelman, JeffreyJeffrey Sengelman DSC, AM, CSC November 2011 2012 [2]
Major General Campbell, AngusAngus Campbell DSC, AM 2012 19 September 2013 [2]
Major General Gilmore, GusGus Gilmore AO, DSC 19 September 2013 4 January 2015 [1]
Major General Burr, RickRick Burr DSC, AM, MVO 4 January 2015 Incumbent [1]


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