Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Malta

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Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Malta
Viċi Speaker tal-Kamra tad-Deputati ta' Malta
Coat of arms of Malta.svg
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Malta
David Agius
StyleMr.Speaker / Ms.Speaker (Acting Speaker), The Honourable (Deputy Speaker)
AppointerHouse of Representatives
Term lengthOne Legislature

The Deputy Speaker of the House of the Representatives of Malta acts as a deputy to the Speaker. Whenever the Speaker is absent from the House. It is the Deputy Speaker that assumes the role of Acting Speaker. Unlike the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker can only be appointed from inside the House and he does not lose his original vote even when he is Acting Speaker.

The Deputy Speaker acts as the Chairperson of Committees when the House is resolved into a Committee stage. Such is the case for instance, in the General Estimates Bill, when the House resolves itself into a Committee of Supply.