Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 13)

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Deutschland sucht den Superstar
Season 13
Broadcast fromJanuary 2 –
May 7, 2016
JudgesDieter Bohlen
H.P. Baxxter
Vanessa Mai
Host(s)Oliver Geissen
(Event shows only)
Finals venueISS Dome, Düsseldorf
Prince Damien Ritzinger
Prince Damien DSDS-Autogrammstunde.jpg
OriginSouth Africa
Laura van den Elzen

During the live-shows of season 12, it was announced that the castings for season 13 will start in August 2015. In Fall 2014, RTL gave closer details to the changes of Season 13. The liveshows are replaced with pre-recorded concerts in clubs in Germany. Only the announcement of the results will be broadcast live. Like the season before the final will not take place in a TV studio in Cologne, but in the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf.

In 2015, RTL announced that DJ Antoine, Mandy Capristo and Heino won't return for the thirteenth season. The new jury consists of Dieter Bohlen, H.P. Baxxter, Michelle and Vanessa Mai. Prince Damien Ritzinger was announced as the winner on 7 May 2016 with Laura van den Elzen finishing as the runner-up.

Auditions and Recall[edit]

Start of the season was on Saturday, January 2, 2016. In the casting rounds each candidate selected before the show from a Golden CD with the name of the juror, whose voice should be the deciding factor for advancement or leaving a draw jury voting. Menderes reached the fourth time the recall. There is a "Quick Pick" was held where each candidate had to sing again. RTL did not send this Germany-Recall. Instead, only a short scene was shown in which piles announced that the 32 pre-worn Recall of the 110 candidates in Thailand recall were.


The Recall in Jamaica was reached by 16 women and 16 men. The contestants were separated in three to four groups by each gender for the first four performances. In the last round the remaining contestants sang in duets where afterwards the judges than decided the Top 10.


The Finalist were announced at April 9 and consisted of six male and four (five) female contestants.[1]

Place Contestant Age Occupation Origin
(won at
ISS Dome)
Prince Damien Ritzinger 25 Dance teacher South Africa South Africa
(eliminated at
ISS Dome)
Laura van den Elzen 18 Student Netherlands Netherlands
(eliminated at
ISS Dome)
Thomas Katrozan 35 Sound engineer Germany Germany
(eliminated at
Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord)
Anita Wiegand 17 Student Germany Germany
Igor Barbosa 19 Student Portugal Portugal
Mark Hoffmann 19 Student China China
(eliminated at
Eberbach Abbey)
Ramona Mihajilovic^1 17 Supermarket employee Germany Germany
Sandra Berger 28 Child care worker Germany Germany
Tobias Soltau 19 Trainee Germany Germany
(eliminated at
Merkers Adventure Mines)
Aytug Gün 27 Child care worker Turkey Turkey
Angelika Turo^1 27 Dentist aider Germany Germany

^1 Angelika Turo who originally made it to the Top 10 left the competition on April 14 after she announced her pregnancy. Ramona Mihajilovic than took her place.[2]


The Event shows are held from April 16 to May 7, 2016 with three pre-recorded shows and a live final.[3] The Voting results were published right after the final.[4]

Color key
     Contestant received the fewest votes and was eliminated
     Contestant was in the bottom two, three or four
     Contestant received the most votes from the public
     Contestant was announced as the season's winner

Top 10 - Merkers Adventure Mines[edit]

Original airdate: 16 April 2016

The first event show was held in Merkers Adventure Mines and was pre-recorded on 13 April 2016. The live result show at Eberbach Abbey was aired directly after the event show. At the beginning of the show it was announced that only one contestant would leave the show this week. Also Angelika Turo performed out of competition at the end of the show.

Order Contestant Song[5] Result Voting result
1 Laura van den Elzen "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" - Britney Spears Safe 10.61% (3/10)
2 Tobias Soltau "Herz Über Kopf" - Joris Bottom two 4.37% (9/10)
3 Mark Hoffmann "Unter die Haut" - Tim Bendzko Safe 8.33% (6/10)
4 Aytug Gün "Sugar" - Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates Eliminated 3.97% (10/10)
5 Sandra Berger "Diese Nacht ist jede Sünde wert" - Andrea Berg Safe 5.51% (8/10)
6 Thomas Katrozan "Sexy" - Marius Müller-Westernhagen Safe 9.41% (4/10)
7 Anita Wiegand "Addicted to You" - Avicii Safe 24.88% (1/10)
8 Igor Barbosa "Pillowtalk" - Zayn Safe 6.78% (7/10)
9 Prince Damien Ritzinger "Ich will nur, dass du weißt" - SDP feat. Adel Tawil Safe 17.09% (2/10)
10 Ramona Mihajilovic "Ex's & Oh's" - Elle King Safe 9.05% (5/10)
11 Angelika Turo "Ich will immer wieder dieses Fieber spür'n" - Helene Fischer N/A

Top 9 - German Songs - Eberbach Abbey[edit]

Original airdate: 23 April 2016

The second event show was held in the Eberbach Abbey and will be pre-recorded on 20 April 2016. The live result show at Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord was aired directly after the event show. Contestant Sandra Berger married her fiancé during the live show. Also this week every contestant had to perform a German song. The three contestants with the fewest votes were eliminated.

Order Contestant Song[6] Result Voting result
1 Ramona Mihajilovic "Lieblingsmensch" - Namika Eliminated 4.91% (9/9)
2 Thomas Katrozan "Aufstehn" - Seeed Safe 8.46% (5/9)
3 Igor Barbosa "Keine Rosen" - Teesy Bottom four 8.05% (6/9)
4 Anita Wiegand "Wenn das Liebe ist" - Glashaus Safe 17.81% (2/9)
5 Laura van den Elzen "Ich sterb für dich" - Vanessa Mai Safe 17.24% (3/9)
6 Tobias Soltau "Ich lass für dich das Licht an" - Revolverheld Eliminated 5.92% (8/9)
7 Prince Damien Ritzinger "Stimme" - Eff Safe 21.89% (1/9)
8 Mark Hoffmann "Ich will nur" - Philipp Poisel Safe 9.54% (4/9)
9 Sandra Berger "Unser Tag" - Helene Fischer Eliminated 6.18% (7/9)

Top 6 - Semi-final - Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord[edit]

Original airdate: 30 April 2016

The third event show was held in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord and was pre-recorded on 27 April 2016. The live result show in ISS Dome was aired directly after the event show. Also the six contestants had to perform in pairs in duets or as it was billed 'duells'. The three contestants with the fewest votes were eliminated.

Order Contestant Song[7] Result Voting result
1 Laura van den Elzen & Anita Wiegand "One Day in Your Life" - Anastacia N/A
2 Thomas Katrozan & Mark Hoffmann "Auf uns" - Andreas Bourani N/A
3 Prince Damien Ritzinger & Igor Barbosa "Alles brennt" - Johannes Oerding N/A
4 Laura van den Elzen "Proud Mary" - Tina Turner Safe 23.09% (2/6)
5 Anita Wiegand "Keiner ist wie du" - Sarah Connor Eliminated 12.17% (4/6)
6 Thomas Katrozan "König von Deutschland" - Rio Reiser Bottom four 13.94% (3/6)
7 Mark Hoffmann "Auf anderen Wegen" - Andreas Bourani Eliminated 7.18% (6/6)
8 Igor Barbosa "Was immer du willst" - Marlon Knauer Eliminated 10.48% (5/6)
9 Prince Damien Ritzinger "Unter meiner Haut" - Gestört aber GeiL, Koby Funk & Wincent Weiss Safe 33.14% (1/6)

Top 3 - Final - Düsseldorf[edit]

Original airdate: 7 May 2016

The Final was held live in Düsseldorf at the ISS Dome in front of 13,000 people on 7 May 2016. One Contestant was eliminated after the first performance. The other two performed their favorite performance and the winner's single.

Round 1
Order Contestant Song[8] Result Voting result
1 Laura van den Elzen "9 to 5" - Dolly Parton Bottom two 24.07% (2/3)
2 Thomas Katrozan "Dreadlock Holiday" - 10cc Eliminated 23.81% (3/3)
3 Prince Damien Ritzinger "Let It Go" - James Bay Safe 52.12% (1/3)
Round 2
Order Contestant Song^1 Order Song^1 Result Voting result
1 Laura van den Elzen "Black Velvet" - Alannah Myles 3 "Glücksmoment" Runner-Up 34.46% (2/2)
2 Prince Damien Ritzinger "Stimme" - Eff 4 "Glücksmoment" Winner 65.54% (1/2)

^1 Thomas Katrozan would have performed "Sexy" by Marius Müller-Westernhagen and "Glücksmoment".

Elimination chart[edit]

Females Males Top 10 Winner
Safe Most votes Safe Last Eliminated
Stage: Finals
Week: 4/16 4/23 4/30 5/7
Round 1 Round 2
Place Contestant Result
1 Prince Damien Ritzinger 2nd
2 Laura van den Elzen 3rd
3 Thomas Katrozan 4th
4 Anita Wiegand 1st
5 Igor Barbosa 7th
6 Mark Hoffmann 6th
7 Sandra Berger 8th
8 Tobias Soltau 9th
9 Ramona Mihajilovic 5th
10 Aytug Gün 10th
11 Angelika Turo Withdraw
  • Angelika Turo who originally made it to the Top 10 left the competition on April 14 after she announced her pregnancy. Ramona Mihajilovic than took her place


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