Devdas (1936 film)

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Devdas দেবদাস
Kundan Lal Saigal and Jamuna in Devdas (1936).jpg
Kundan Lal Saigal as Devdas and Jamuna Barua as Parvati in Devdas
Directed byPramathesh Barua
Screenplay byPramathesh Barua
Kidar Nath Sharma (dialogue)
Based onDevdas
by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay
StarringK. L. Saigal
Jamuna Barua
Music byRai Chand Boral
Pankaj Mullick
Timir Baran
Lyrics: Kidar Nath Sharma
CinematographyBimal Roy
Release date
  • 1935 (1935)
Running time
139 min.
CountryBritish Raj
Kundan Lal Saigal and Jamuna Barua. Full movie (2 h 11 min 30 s)

Devdas is a 1935[1] Bengali film based on the Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novella, Devdas.[2] Directed by Pramathesh Barua, it stars K.L. Saigal as Devdas, Jamuna Barua as Parvati (Paro) and Rajkumari as Chandramukhi. It was later released in Hindi in 1936 and in Assamese in 1938.


Devdas (K. L. Saigal) falls in love with Parvati (Jamuna), with whom he has played since childhood and who is the daughter of a poor neighboring family. Devdas goes away to Calcutta for University studies. Meanwhile, Parvati's father arranges her marriage to a much older man. Though she loves Devdas, she obeys her father to suffer in silence like a dutiful Indian wife of those times. Devdas as a result takes to drinking. Chandramukhi (Rajkumari), a dancing girl or "prostitute" he has befriended in Calcutta, falls for him and gives up her profession to try to save him. Parvati, hearing of his decline, comes to see him to steer him away from a life of drinking. Devdas sends her back, saying in his hour of final need he will come to her. She returns to her life of duty. Realising his end is near, Devdas decides to keep his promise and meet Parvati. He journeys all night, reaches her house and is found dead outside the high walls of her house. Inside Parvati hears that Devdas is dead.

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