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Dhadgaon is located in Maharashtra
Coordinates: 21°49′27″N 74°13′01″E / 21.824237°N 74.216874°E / 21.824237; 74.216874Coordinates: 21°49′27″N 74°13′01″E / 21.824237°N 74.216874°E / 21.824237; 74.216874
District Nandurbar
State Maharashtra
Country India

Dhadgaon (also known as Akrani or Akrani Mahal) is a tehsil in Talode subdivision of Nandurbar district, Maharashtra, India. The name Akrani is derived from a local queen "Akka Rani", Rani meaning queen in Marathi.[1] Nandurbar district has five more tehsils viz. Akkalkuwa, Taloda, Shahada, Nandurbar and Navapur. The tehsil is surrounded by Madhya Pradesh state on north and east, Shahada and Talode tehsils on south and Akkalkuwa on west.[2] Maharashtra State Highway 1 (MSH-1) passes through the tehsil along with Akkalkuwa and Shahada. The hill station and tourist attraction Toranmal is located in this tehsil.


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