Dhaka Nagar Bhaban

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Dhaka Nagar Bhaban, completed 1995, a building that houses the government of the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is home to the mayor’s office and the meeting chambers and offices of the Dhaka City Corporation. The building is situated behind the Dhaka University campus.


The building was designed by A. Imamuddin and Lailun Nahar Ekram, and was completed in 1995. it is a15-storey city hall building containing offices, a bank, meeting rooms, a museum, dining facilities, a prayer hall, the Mayor's Office, and public terraces. The building has huge columns and arched gateways in the entrance and at the back. The building is very symmetrical. There are two clocks at the top of the building on the north and south face. The building has a finished concrete texture, which gives the building a timeless appearance and a lower maintenance cost. The garden in front helps one to have a better view of the building.

Coordinates: 23°43′26″N 90°24′31″E / 23.7239°N 90.4085°E / 23.7239; 90.4085