Dhanmondi Lake

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Dhanmondi lake
Dhanmondi Lake 02.jpg
Location Dhaka
Coordinates 23°44′44″N 90°22′39″E / 23.7455°N 90.3776°E / 23.7455; 90.3776Coordinates: 23°44′44″N 90°22′39″E / 23.7455°N 90.3776°E / 23.7455; 90.3776
Basin countries Bangladesh

Dhanmondi Lake is a lake located in the Dhanmondi residential area in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The lake was originally a dead channel of the Karwan Bazar River, and was connected to the Turag River. The lake is partially connected with the Begunbari Canal. In 1956, Dhanmondi was developed as a residential area. In the development plan, about 16% of the total area of Dhanmondi was designated for the lake.[1]

The lake has become a well visited tourist spot, with cultural hubs such as the Rabindra-Sarobar located along its side.



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