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Lotta Schelin receiving the Diamantbollen of 2006
Given for association football award
Country Sweden
Presented by Swedish Football Association, Sydsvenskan

Diamantbollen, Swedish for The Diamond Ball, an annual award for Sweden's best female football player. The award is currently given out by the Swedish Football Association and Sydsvenskans newspaper. The award is given in conjunction with its male equivalent, the Guldbollen.

Diamantbollen was established in 1990 and was given out in cooperations between SvFF and magazine network until 2000. Since 2001, the awards has been given out by the Swedish Football Association and Sydsvenskan.[1] The precursor of this award, "Årets fotbollstjej" ("soccer girl of the year"), was given out by the Swedish Football Association and Dagens Nyheter from 1980 to 1989.[2]

Since 2002, the recipient of the award has received a blown crystal structure designed by Melainie Rydoff. The award is in the shape of a kernel with smooth concave top. At the top of the award, there is a silver leaf. The logo and player name are made by calligrapher Gun Larson.[3]


Årets fotbollstjej award[edit]




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