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Dice are polyhedral objects used in games for generating random numbers.

Dice, DICE, or dicing may also refer to:

  • Dice, Kentucky, an unincorporated community located in Perry County, Kentucky
  • Dice Living, a way of life depicted in the novel The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart
  • DICE (compiler), a C compiler for Amiga written by computer scientist Matt Dillon
  • DICE model (Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy model), a computer model of climate change
  • D.I.C.E. Summit, an annual gathering of executives from the videogame industry
  • DICE, formally known as EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, a Swedish video game developer
  • Dicing, a method of preparing food chopping it into small cubes or dice
  • Defense-Independent Component ERA, a baseball statistic
  • Diceware, a method used for generating security phrases
  • Dice's coefficient, a similarity measure used in information retrieval
  • Munchkin Dice, an expansion for the Munchkin card game
  • Dice (G.I. Joe), a fictional ninja in the G.I. Joe universe, member of Cobra
  • Dice (horse) (1925–1927), American Champion Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Wafer dicing, a step in semi-conductor processing where device chips are cut out of a wafer
  • Dice.com, a career website
  • DICE (DEA database), a DEA database, consists largely of phone log and Internet data
  • Dice (album), a 1989 comedy album by Andrew Dice Clay



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