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Digital Storm
IndustryComputer hardware
Headquarters865 Jarvis Drive
Morgan Hill, California
Area served
Number of employees
37[1] (2013)

Digital Storm is a privately owned boutique computer manufacturer in the United States that primarily specializes on high-performance gaming desktop and laptop computers. Headquartered in Morgan Hill, California,[2] the company also sells upgrade components and gaming peripherals, such as headsets, gaming mice, custom keyboards and high-resolution computer monitors.


Digital Storm was founded in 2002. Originally an internet retailer of computer components, the company began building custom gaming PCs after repeated requests by customers for pre-assembled systems. The first custom-built PC system the company ever marketed was the Digital Storm Twister.[3] In 2012, the company began designing proprietary designs, starting with their Aventum and the Bolt models.


Focusing heavily on the gaming market, Digital Storm’s designs for gaming desktops and laptops focus primarily on high-performance custom PC configurations, though they also produce workstation models.[4] They specialize in customizing each machine with features such as overclocking, dual video card implementations (such as SLI), RAID arrays, liquid-cooling systems and noise-reduction modifications.

Digital Storm also sells upgrade PC components such as computer memory, video cards, CPUs, motherboards, hard drives, cooling systems and computer monitors. They also offer accessories aimed at gamers, such as custom keyboards, audio headsets and gaming mice.

Notable services[edit]

Custom case designs[edit]

In 2013, they began offering a service called LaserMark, which allows custom images to be etched onto computer cases.[5]


The company offers custom overclocking of CPUs and GPUs through its “Twister Boost” technology on many of its gaming computers.


Before shipping out an order, a technician for Digital Storm performs 72-hour stress testing and quality control to screen for assembly errors, faulty components and other quality issues.


On most desktop models, Digital Storm offers Cryo-TEC[6] and Sub-Zero[7] liquid cooling systems.


Digital Storm’s systems are often reviewed by technology writers and gaming industry publications. For their more notable systems, they have received critical acclaim and awards. In 2012, the company was recognized as a Design and Engineering Award Honoree for its Cryo-TEC cooling system.[8] The Bolt, Digital Storm’s most successful gaming PC model, received Maximum PC’s "Kick-Ass Award" in 2013,[9] and also received special attention for the compact design and performance measurements. Ubergizmo called it the "thinnest gaming PC in the world."[10] The Aventum, another of the company’s more popular models, won the "2012 Best of What’s New" award from the editors of Popular Science Magazine, who called it a "melt-down proof computer."[11]

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