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The Dinder River (Arabic: نهر الدندر Nahr-ud-dindir‎, also spelled Dindar) is a tributary of the Blue Nile. It flows through Ethiopia and Sudan for 480 kilometres (300 mi).[1]


The Dinder River rises in the Ethiopian Highlands, west of Lake Tana in the Ethiopian woreda of Alefa. It flows northwest out of the highlands and into the plains of the Sudanese state of Sennar. It meanders across the plains to join the Blue Nile near the town of Sennar.[1]

Natural features[edit]

The Dinder National Park of Sudan, which stretches south from the Dinder, is named after the river. This watershed was previously habitat to the endangered painted hunting dog, Lycaon pictus; however, this canid is thought to be extirpated in the region[2] due to expansion of the human population and lack of attention to conservation.

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