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This is the discography for American musician Dion DiMucci.


Dion and the Belmonts[edit]

Year Album Billboard 200 Record label
1958 Presenting Dion and the Belmonts Laurie Records
1961 Wish Upon a Star with Dion and the Belmonts Laurie Records
1967 Together Again ABC Records
1973 Live at Madison Square Garden 1972 144 Warner Bros. Records


Year Album Billboard 200 Top Christian Top Blues Albums Independent Albums Record label
1961 Runaround Sue 11 Laurie Records
Alone with Dion
1962 Lovers Who Wander 12
1963 Dion Sings to Sandy 115
Ruby Baby 20 Columbia Records
Donna the Prima Donna
Love Come to Me Laurie Records
1968 Dion 128
1969 Wonder Where I'm Bound Columbia Records
1970 Sit Down Old Friend Warner Bros. Records
1971 You're Not Alone
Sanctuary 200
1972 Suite for Late Summer 197
1975 Born to Be with You Phil Spector International Records
1976 Streetheart Warner Bros. Records
1978 Return of the Wanderer Lifesong Records
1979 Fire in the Night Ace Records
1980 Inside Job DaySpring Records
1981 Only Jesus
1983 I Put Away My Idols 37
1985 Kingdom in the Streets Myrrh Records
1986 Velvet and Steel DaySpring Records
1989 Yo Frankie 130 Arista Records
1993 Rock N' Roll Christmas The Right Stuff Records
2000 Déjà Nu Ace Records
2003 New Masters Collectables Records
2006 Bronx in Blue 2 Verve Forecast Records
2007 Son of Skip James 4
2011 Tank Full of Blues 3 42 Blue Horizon Records
2016 New York Is My Home 3

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album Billboard 200 Record label
1962 Dion Sings His Greatest Hits 29 Laurie Records
1964 More of Dion's Greatest Hits
1973 Dion's Greatest Hits 194 Columbia Records
1976 Everything You Always Wanted to Hear by Dion and the Belmonts But Couldn't Get - Laurie Records
1991 Bronx Blues: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965) Columbia Records
1997 The Road I'm On: A Retrospective Columbia/Legacy


Dion and the Belmonts

Release date Titles (A-side, B-side)
Both sides from same album except where indicated
US record label and number Chart Positions Album
US Hot 100 US AC UK Singles Chart[1] US R&B
1957 "Santa Margarita"
b/w "Teenage Clementine"
Mohawk 106 Non-album tracks
"Tag Along"
b/w "We Went Away"
Mohawk 107
1958 "I Wonder Why"
b/w "Teen Angel" (from Dion Sings His Greatest Hits)
Laurie 3013 22 Presenting Dion and The Belmonts
"No One Knows"
b/w "I Can't Go On (Rosalie)" (from Together)
Laurie 3015 19 12
"Don't Pity Me"
b/w "Just You"
Laurie 3021 40
1959 "A Teenager in Love"
b/w "I've Cried Before"
Laurie 3027 5 28
"A Lover's Prayer" / Laurie 3035 73 Wish Upon A Star With Dion and The Belmonts
"Every Little Thing I Do" 48 Together
1960 "Where or When"
b/w "That's My Desire"
Laurie 3044 3 19 Presenting Dion and The Belmonts
"When You Wish Upon a Star"
b/w "Wonderful Girl" (from Presenting Dion and The Belmonts)
Laurie 3052 30 Wish Upon A Star With Dion and The Belmonts
"In the Still of the Night"
b/w "A Funny Feeling" (from Presenting Dion and The Belmonts)
Laurie 3059 38
1966 "Berimbau"
b/w "My Girl The Month of May"
ABC 10868 Together Again
1967 "For Bobbie"
b/w "Movin' Man"
ABC 10896


Release date Titles (A-side, B-side)
Both sides from same album except where indicated
US record label and number Chart Positions Album
US Hot 100 US AC UK Singles Chart[1] US R&B
1960 "Lonely Teenager"
b/w "Little Miss Blue"
Laurie 3070 12 47 Alone With Dion
1961 "Havin' Fun"
b/w "North East End of the Corner"
Laurie 3081 42
"Kissin' Game"
b/w "Heaven Help Me"
Laurie 3090 82 Love Came To Me
"Somebody Nobody Wants"
b/w "Could Somebody Take My Place Tonight" (from Love Came To Me)
Laurie 3101 103 Runaround Sue
"Runaround Sue"
b/w "Runaway Girl"
Laurie 3110 1 11 4
"The Wanderer" / Laurie 3115 2 10
"The Majestic" 36
1962 "Lovers Who Wander" / Laurie 3123 3 16 Lovers Who Wander
"(I Was) Born To Cry" 42
"Little Diane"
b/w "Lost For Sure"
Laurie 3134 8
"Love Came to Me"
b/w "Little Girl"
Laurie 3145 10 24 Love Came To Me
"Ruby Baby"
b/w "He'll Only Hurt You"
Columbia 42662 2 Ruby Baby
1963 "Sandy"
b/w "Faith" (from Together)
Laurie 3153 21 Dion Sings To Sandy
"This Little Girl"
b/w "The Loneliest Man in the World" (from Ruby Baby)
Columbia 42776 21 Donna The Prima Donna
"Come Go With Me"
b/w "King Without A Queen"
Laurie 3171 48 Lovers Who Wander
"Be Careful of Stones that You Throw"
b/w "I Can't Believe (That You Don't Love Me Anymore)"
Columbia 42810 31 Donna The Prima Donna
"Lonely World"
b/w "Tag Along" (Non-album track)
Laurie 3187 101 More of Dion's Greatest Hits
"Donna the Prima Donna"
b/w "You're Mine"
Columbia 42852 6 17 Donna The Prima Donna
"Drip Drop"
b/w "No One's Waiting For Me"
Columbia 42917 6 Non-album tracks
1964 "Then I'll Be Tired of You"
b/w "After The Dance"
Laurie 3225 Alone With Dion
"I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man"
b/w "The Road I'm On (Gloria)"
Columbia 42977 113 Non-album tracks
b/w "Little Girl" (from Love Came To Me)
Laurie 3240 108 Lovers Who Wander
"Johnny B. Goode"
b/w "Chicago Blues"
Columbia 43096 71 Non-album tracks
1965 "Unloved, Unwanted Me"
b/w "Sweet, Sweet, Baby" (from Donna The Prima Donna)
Columbia 43213 Ruby Baby
"Kickin' Child"
b/w "Spoonful"
Columbia 43293 Non-album tracks
"Tomorrow Won't Bring The Rain"
b/w "You Move Me Babe"
Columbia 43423
"I Got The Blues"
b/w "(I Was) Born To Cry" (from Lovers Who Wander)
Laurie 3303
1966 "Time in My Heart For You"
b/w "Wake Up Baby"
Columbia 43483
"Two Ton Feather"
b/w "So Much Younger"
Columbia 43692
1968 "Abraham, Martin and John"
b/w "Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms)" (Non-album track)
Laurie 3464 4 Dion
"Purple Haze"
b/w "The Dolphins"
Laurie 3478 63
1969 "I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound"
b/w "Southern Train"
Columbia 44719 Wonder Where I'm Bound
"From Both Sides Now"
b/w "Sun Fun Song"
Laurie 3495 91 Dion
"He Looks A Lot Like Me"
b/w "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever"
Laurie 3504
"If We Only Have Love"
b/w "Natural Man"
Warner Bros. 7356 Sit Down Old Friend
1970 "Your Own Back Yard"
b/w "Sit Down Old Friend" (from Sit Down Old Friend)
Warner Bros. 7401 75 Born To Be With You
1971 "Close To It All"
b/w "Let It Be"
Warner Bros. 7469 You're Not Alone
b/w "Josie"
Warner Bros. 7491
b/w "Brand New Morning"
Warner Bros. 7537 103 Sanctuary
1972 "Running Close Behind You"
b/w "Sea Gull"
Warner Bros. 7663 Suite For Late Summer
1973 "Doctor Rock and Roll"
b/w "Sunshine Lady" (from Sanctuary)
Warner Bros. 7704 Non-album track
1974 "New York City Song"
b/w "Richer Than A Rich Man" (Non-album track)
Warner Bros. 7793 Born To Be With You
1975 "Make The Woman Love Me"
b/w "Running Close Behind You" (from Suite For Late Summer)
Warner/Spector 0403
1976 "Born To Be With You"
b/w "Good Lovin' Man"
Big Tree/Spector 16063
"The Wanderer"
b/w "Little Diane"
Philips 6146 700 (UK) 16 Dion's Greatest Hits (UK)
"Hey My Love"
b/w "Lover Boy Supreme"
Warner Bros. 8234 Streetheart
"The Way You Do The Things You Do"
b/w "Lover Boy Supreme"
Warner Bros. 8258
"Queen Of '59"
b/w "Oh The Night"
Warner Bros. 8293
1977 "Young Virgin Eyes (I'm All Wrapped Up)"
b/w "Oh The Night" (from Streetheart)
Warner Bros. 8406 Non-album track
1978 "Heart of Saturday Night"
b/w "You've Awakened Something in Me"
Lifesong 1765 Return of the Wanderer
"Midtown American Main Street Gang"
b/w "Guitar Queen"
Lifesong 1770
"(I Used To Be A) Brooklyn Dodger"
b/w "Streetheart Theme"
Lifesong 1785
1980 "Fire in the Night"
b/w "Street Mama"
Lifesong 45082 Non-album tracks
"Sweet Surrender"
B-side unknown
Dayspring 618 Inside Job
1981 "The Best"
B-side unknown
Dayspring 622 Only Jesus
1983 "Day of the Lord"
B-side unknown
Dayspring 632 I Put Away My Idols
"I Put Away My Idols"
B-side unknown
Dayspring 633
1984 "Golden Sun, Silver Moon"
B-side unknown
Dayspring 9016294155 Seasons
1985 "Still in the Spirit"
B-side unknown
Myrrh 9016382151 Kingdom in the Streets
1986 "Simple Ironies"
B-side unknown
Dayspring 9016676155 Velvet and Steel
1989 "And the Night Stood Still"
b/w "Tower of Love"
Arista 9797 75 16 Yo Frankie
1989 "King of the New York Streets"
b/w "The Wanderer" (Non-album track)
Arista 662556 74
1989 "Written on the Subway Wall"/"Little Star" with Paul Simon[2]
"King of the New York Streets"
b/w "And The Night Stood Still"/"Tower of Love"
Arista 662910
1990 "Sea Cruise" (From "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane")
CD single
Elektra 8191 28 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (soundtrack)
1993 "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
b/w "Jingle Bell Rock"
The Right Stuff 17651 Rock 'N Roll Christmas
1997 "Please Come Home For Christmas"
b/w "Wintertime" (Non-album track)
The Right Stuff 19769
2015 "New York Is My Home" (with Paul Simon) New York Is My Home[3][4]


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