Dipolog Boulevard

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Boulevard esplanade
Dipolog Sunset Blvd. Dipolog, Philippines, 2008

Dipolog Sunset Boulevard, or Foreshore Development and Wellness Center, is an esplanade in Dipolog, Philippines along a 1.6 kilometers stretch of foreshore spanning from Sta. Cruz of Barangay Central to Purok Bularan of Barangay Miputak. It is equipped with basketball courts and playground part. It is also the site of the annual "Pagsalabuk Festival" and motor company trade shows. There are two commercial buildings augmenting the presently existing restaurants, bars, and several food and beverage peddlers.

Extension is currently underway to extend the boulevard for another kilometer reaching the seaport of Galas making it a total of 2.6 kilometers. Long term plans for the boulevard is extending it in both ways of the city to southern part of Olingan and northern part of Barra creating a new river park esplanade. Also included for foreshore development are areas of Minaog and Sicayab that goes beyond the Dipolog Airport. All of the said plans are drafted in the city's blueprint program named SWIGAPORE 2030 that aims in making Dipolog a self-reliant, super city by 2030 in terms of infrastructure, housing. social and health services.[citation needed]