Distributed Codec Engine

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Written in C
Operating system Unix-like
Type Library
License Revised BSD License and some additional terms
Website github.com/robclark/libdce
The TI Ducati SIP core does video acceleration and accelerated image processing. The actual IC doing the calculations is controlled by software running on two Cortex-M3 microcontrollers. The operating system (running on the host CPU) only needs a shim to interface with the subsystem.

Distributed Codec Engine (DCE) is an API and its implementation as software library ("libdce") by Texas Instruments. The library was released under the Revised BSD License and some additional terms.

It enables and provides remote access to hardware acceleration for audio and video decoding on the IVA-HD in OMAP4-based platforms via a syslink/rcm shim layer accessing the OMAP's Codec Engine API codec interface on the co-processor (Ducati/M3) from the host under Linux without needing OpenMAX.[1][2][3] The "Ducati Sub System" comprises two ARM Cortex-M3 processors (CPUs), and the ASICs IVA-HD and ISS.[4]

Software supporting DCE[edit]

GStreamer uses the ASICs of Ducati

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It uses a custom vanity license. It does not use an established free open source software license.


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