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The City of Düsseldorf consists of 50 city parts (Stadtteile), which are collected into 10 city districts (Stadtezirke).[1] Every district has its own local assembly (local parliament Bezirksvertretung) and its own district mayor (Bezirksvorsteher). The Bezirksvertretungen have only advisory roles, they do not have their own budgets. District 4 is the only district on the west side of the Rhine.


District 1 (Stadtbezirk 1)
Altstadt, Carlstadt, Derendorf, Golzheim, Pempelfort, Stadtmitte
District 2 (Stadtbezirk 2)
Düsseltal, Flingern-Nord, Flingern-Süd
District 3 (Stadtbezirk 3)
Bilk, Flehe, Friedrichstadt, Hafen, Hamm, Oberbilk, Unterbilk, Volmerswerth
District 4 (Stadtbezirk 4)
Heerdt, Lörick, Niederkassel, Oberkassel
District 5 (Stadtbezirk 5)
Angermund, Kaiserswerth, Kalkum, Lohausen, Stockum, Wittlaer
Karte D SB.svg
District 6 (Stadtbezirk 6)
Lichtenbroich, Mörsenbroich, Rath, Unterrath
District 7 (Stadtbezirk 7)
Gerresheim, Grafenberg, Hubbelrath, Ludenberg, Knittcool,
District 8 (Stadtbezirk 8)
Eller, Lierenfeld, Unterbach, Vennhausen
District 9 (Stadtbezirk 9)
Benrath, Hassels, Himmelgeist, Holthausen, Itter, Reisholz, Urdenbach, Wersten
District 10 (Stadtbezirk 10)
Garath, Hellerhof


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