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This article is about the British game show. For the American game show, see Divided (U.S. game show).
Divided logo.jpg
Genre Game show
Presented by Andrew Castle
Starring Question Master
Charlotte Hudson (2009)
Rachel Pierman (2010)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 53 (7 unaired)
Location(s) Granada Studios
Running time 60 minutes (inc. adverts)
Production company(s) Talpa and Brighter Pictures (Remarkable Television)
Distributor ITV Studios
Endemol UK
Original network ITV, UTV
Picture format PAL (576i, 16:9)
Original release 18 May 2009 (2009-05-18) – 7 May 2010 (2010-05-07)

Divided is a British game show that aired on ITV from 18 May 2009 to 7 May 2010. It was hosted by Andrew Castle with Charlotte Hudson as the Question Master for Series 1 and Rachel Pierman as the Question Master for Series 2.


A team of three complete strangers attempts to answer up to 15 questions over the course of five rounds and accumulate as much money in a prize pot as possible. In the first four rounds, each question is either multiple-choice with one correct answer to be chosen from three options, or a list of three items to be placed in a specified order. The fifth round has a single question with three answer options, more than one of which may be correct, and the team must select all correct answers in order to win the money.

The team has 100 seconds to arrive at a unanimous decision on each question, and the money at stake decreases by 1% for each second that elapses before they lock in their choice. A correct answer adds the remaining money to a prize pot, while an incorrect answer cuts the pot in half. If the team misses a total of three questions, the game ends immediately and they leave with nothing.

The payout structure for each round is shown below.

Round Question value Number of questions Lost per second Potential maximum (round) Potential maximum (overall)
1 £3,000 5 £30 £15,000 £15,000
2 £7,500 4 £75 £30,000 £45,000
3 £15,000 3 £150 £45,000 £90,000
4 £30,000 2 £300 £60,000 £150,000
5 £75,000 1 £750 £75,000 £225,000

At the end of each round, the team is given 15 seconds to decide whether to continue the game, or stop playing and divide up the money. If they fail to reach a unanimous decision before time runs out, the next round begins automatically.

When the team either completes the fifth round or chooses to stop playing, the money in the prize pot is divided into three unequal shares, typically 50-70%, 20-40%, and 10%. Each player is given 15 seconds to state their case to the others as to which share they feel they deserve, after which all three select the share they want. If each player selects a different share, they each receive their chosen amount and the game ends. If not, they are given a further 100 seconds to discuss the splits among themselves and try to reach a consensus, with all three shares decreasing by 1% per second. The timer pauses briefly after 50 seconds, and the host reminds them that half their money has gone. If the team agrees on a split before time runs out, they receive whatever is left of their chosen shares; otherwise, they leave with nothing.

Academic paper[edit]

The show has been studied by a team of economists. They find that individual behavior and outcomes are strongly influenced by equity concerns: those who contributed more to the jackpot claim larger shares, are less likely to make concessions, and take home larger amounts. Contestants who announce that they will not back down do well relative to others, but they do not secure larger absolute amounts and they harm others. They find no evidence of a first-mover advantage and little evidence that demographic characteristics matter.[1]


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 18 May 2009 26 June 2009 30
2 6 April 2010 7 May 2010 23

International versions[edit]

Country Title Host Network Top Prize First Airdate
 Afghanistan ثانیه‎ 100
100 Sanya
Hafiz Mohammadi Tolo TV Af.1,000,000 8 June 2013
Arab League Arab World من الأحق؟
Men El Ahaq?
Amira El Fadl Abu Dhabi TV د.إ‎ 1,000,000 5 October 2008
 Chile Divididos Álvaro Escobar TVN CL$75,000,000 March 2012
 Denmark Splittet Camilla Ottesen TV3 250,000 Danish kroner 8 April 2015
 Estonia 100 sekundit (Mondays) Madis Milling TV3 30 August 2010
3 January 2011
60 sekundit (weekdays) 120,000 krooni 4 October 2010
 Hungary Cápák Unknown (heard from speakers only) TV2 26,250,000 Forint 25 August 2008
 India (Marathi) Divided Aadesh Bandekar ETV Marathi 650,000 30 July 2012
 India (Kannada) Divided Rohit Zee Kannada[2] 1,000,000 3 January 2014
 Malta Divided Mariella Scerri TVM 80,000 1 October 2009
 Netherlands De Gemene Deler Rinie van den Elzen RTL4 250,000 6 July 2008
 Slovenia Vse ali nič Milan Gačanovič TV 3 10,000 4 October 2010
 Turkey Anlaşma Ansi Elagöz Türkmax 100,000 TL 20 September 2010
 Ukraine Хто вартий більшого?
Khto vartyi bilshogo?
Andriy Dzhedzhula Ukrayina 225,000 15 September 2013
 United States Divided Mike Richards GSN $85,000 25 November 2016 ("Sneak Peek" episode)
19 January 2017 (series premiere)


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