Dobol Trobol: Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol!

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Dobol Trobol: Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol!
Directed by BRYAN ZAMORA
Produced by Olga Bautista
Mhalouh Crisologo
Elmer Cruz
Erdie Macaraig
Written by R.J. Nuevas
Tina Velasco
Mon Roco
Starring Dolphy
Vic Sotto
Carmi Martin
Jose Manalo
Wally Bayola
Riza Santos
Cinematography Gary Gardoce
Edited by Kelly Cruz
Distributed by APT Entertainment
M-Zet Productions
RVQ Productions
Release date
  • August 13, 2008 (2008-08-13)
Country Philippines
  • Tagalog
  • English
Box office P90,507,251

Dobol Trobol: Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol! (lit. "Double Trouble: Let's Get Ready to Rumble")is a Filipino comedy film starring Dolphy and Vic Sotto. The film was a box office success, grossing P90.5 million.


The movie starts at a resort where Mac works as a chef, with Nemo as sous chef.They were serving foreigners,including some Americans and a Japanese tourist,played by Ya Chang.When pickpockets attacks the customers,Mac uses his pots, spatula and pans to inflict damage on the crooks. Meanwhile,Arthur,along with a gang,tried to target Mac's friend and the resort owner, but Arthur relented, repulsed the gang members and rescued Mr.Toribio. In turn,he was given a calling card for a job.

When Arthur arrived at the resort, he was forced to take an exam by HR personnel,unknown to her that Arthur is hired. He was hired along with an applicant named Nemo, Mac thought Arthur is a guest. But he was shocked when he knew that Arthur will join him as a partner, while Nemo acts as Bogart's partner. There,Mac's hatred and anger towards Turo began, not only that he was fooled,but when he was forced to share his room for the newcomer. There,the war starts in both of them, from Turo stopping Mac's snores by tying his head, sealing his nose with pincers and eyes with  2 coins, which he chokes Turo for the scandal, framing Mac when he was discovered by Vivian's boyfriend, Mac putting laxatives on Turo's porridge, got eaten the spiked soup and contracted diarrhea, putting fire ants on Turo's clothes and replacing toothpaste with elastomeric sealant, which he was stuck at.They divided the room equally. He seeks help of Nemo and Bogart to pull the toothbrush, when they pulled the brush, the stuck molar was pulled also.

All things change when he saw Mac's daughter, Boni arrives at the resort. He fell in love at her but got shocked when he found our that Boni is Mac's daughter. He tried to advance Boni, to no avail, including stealing Mac's flowers (courtesy of Nikki), meeting up with her, and most of all, via a paper plane, but got intercepted by Mac, and the paper plane became a Japanese Zero plane, firing bullets before crashing down. When Turo reads it, it was full of swear words, just as Mac goes out of the terrace, with Japanese tie in the forehead, a katana in right hand and a Japanese flag in the left, acting like a cross betweena Japanese samurai and a Japanese soldier, while shouting "Tora,Tora,Turo! Turo,Bakero! Kamikaze-ne! Banzai Nippon! Turo Pugot Uro! Turo Pugot Uro!"("Tora,Tora Turo!Turo,Fool!Kamikaze!Long Live Japan!"). Turo runs away scared and Mac scolds his daughter, saying "kiri kiri ne! chorva chorva ne!" and ends with saying "irrashaimase!" ("thank you very much!") while bowing.

Mac's problematic past is revealed when Boni wants her daddy to attend her birthday along with her mother,a rich person.She wants to stop Mac's love, being a chef and focus on her company as owner, much to her disagreement and ends up leaving the house to help Toribio's resort. He was affected on his job that the couple that wants to invest at the resort became pissed and cancelled the investment. In order to help him, Turo, Mr.Toribio, Nemo and Bogart tricked Mac by telling them they have a catering service in Manila, but in Boni's birthday. Meanwhile, in a convenience store,a confrontation ensued when 2 perverted men tried to harass 2 customers (Pia Guanio and Zsa Zsa Padilla). They defend the women and thanks them, Mac pulling an anti-asthma medicated nebulizer. Mac was shocked when he learned when he arrived at his own house. He was confronted by her wife, for not being a husband and a boss on the family. There is a chef, named Paco, an overly perfectionist, grammar Nazi gay chef from France. He is the head chef, while Nemo, Bogart and Arthur became assistant, cook and server, respectively. Problem arose when Paco was accidentally knocked out by a rolling pin, replacing him with Mac by force. The party continued and the chef was introduced, Mac. His wife and daughter became happy and his wife praises him. After the end of the party, Mac stayed at his home, while Arthur, Nemo and Bogart return to the resort.

Mac saw Turo packing his clothes, fulfilling his promise to Mac that he will leave the resort if he reconciles with his family, and to end his feelings to her daughter, but Boni disagrees and states that she loves Arthur. The couples hugged each other, as Nemo knocks Bogart's head.




Box office[edit]

The film was a box office success. The film grossed P44.6 million on its opening weekend. The film grossed a total of P90.5 million on its entire theatrical run.[1]


Year Award-Giving Body Category Recipient Result
2009 GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards Comedy Box-Office King/s[2] Dolphy and Vic Sotto Won


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