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Dodger Savage
Dodger Savage.jpg
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Danny Mac
Duration 2011–15
First appearance 7 April 2011
Last appearance 20 January 2015
Introduced by Paul Marquess
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Bar manager
Emporium assistant

Mark "Dodger" Savage (né Blake) is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Danny Mac. He made his first on-screen appearance on 7 April 2011 and was introduced as part of the Savage family by creator Paul Marquess. The character is played as being a bit "cocky" and as thinking he has "got it all". For his portrayal, Mac has won and been nominated for various awards.In November 2014 Mac opted to leave the role and Dodger on screen on 20 January 2015.


Dodger and his family are evicted from their home. Dodger decides to take residence in the McQueen family's home while they are on holiday. Myra McQueen (Nicole Barber-Lane) returns and demands the family leave straight away. Myra changes her mind upon meeting Dirk and allows the family to stay. Dodger takes Myra's pet lamb to be slaughtered, planning to sell the meat for money. Afterwards Dodger is told the meat can't be sold and stages a barbecue. After eating some of the meat Myra discovers its origins and makes the family leave. Dodger begins living in a caravan along with his family.

Dodger and Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) begin casually dating; Texas attempts to make the relationship more exclusive. This leads Dodger to refusing, stating it is easier if the relationship remains open. Dodger assists in setting Will and Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter) up on a date. Dodger gives Amy Barnes (Ashley Slanina-Davies) driving lessons in order to help her get a job. An engaged Amy becomes attracted to Dodger and sexual tension leads to the pair sleeping together. Amy's fiance Lee Hunter (Alex Carter) later discovers Amy's affair with Dodger and attempts to fight with Dodger. Texas and Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn) enlist Dodger in helping to scam money from Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring). Dodger helps Theresa uncover Ethan Scott's (Craig Vye) cheating. Will becomes angry at Dodger when he sells Barney Harper-McBride (Tom Scurr) a tablet computer which doesn't work. Will tells Dodger to stop embarrassing him by selling bad merchandise. Dodger reveals to Will that he has sacrificed the opportunity to carry on with his education so that he could get a job and support his family.

Dodger and Scott Sabeka (Calvin Denba) make a bet to see who can have sex with Texas first. Dodger's cousin Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) arrives in the village and moves in with Dodger and his family. Dodger convinces Texas to allow Dennis to move in with her. Dodger is introduced to Texas's friend, Jodie Wilde (Montana Manning). Jodie takes a liking to Dodger but is warned by Texas that Dodger is only interested in one night stands which Jodie says she is also interested in, to which Jodie and Dodger sleep together in his caravan. Dodger convinces Dennis to take a job opportunity in Mumbai despite Dennis' worries. When Texas and Jodie begin a relationship Dodger is jealous.

Dodger and his family are made homeless. Dirk calls family friend Walt (Cliff Parisi) who arrives to help the family make money. Dodger and Will begin separate schemes to earn money for the family. Dodger's scheme fails while Will's plans for a gig go well. Will tells Dodger that the gig's headliner does not exist and Dodger plans to help Will until the gig is saved by Dennis. Before leaving Walt makes a comment to Dodger and his family which makes Dodger question his motives. Walt reveals Dodger is not Dirk's son before he leaves. Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan) is murdered in a similar fashion to Texas' sister, India Longford (Beth Kingston). Dodger supports Texas and attempts to convince her not to visit India's murderer, Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle). Despite Dodger's pleas Texas visits Silas who tells her he has an accomplice who killed Lynsey: Will. Will is arrested after the police discover he has photographs of the locations Silas' victims were killed and Lynsey's ring. Will is charged with murder but granted bail until the court hearing. Dodger continues to support Texas, choosing her over Will and his family.

Dodger eventually supports Will and he is let off. Dr Browning is found to be the true culprit. As time draws on Dodger becomes increasingly agitated about finding his real father as Dirk will refuse to admit that he is not his son even though Dodger constantly presses him to admit it. Things come to a head when Dodger loses his temper and trashes his van and runs out on his family. Texas visits Dirk. Before leaving, Texas finds Dodgers baptismal certificate and takes it with her. Dodger, who got drunk after talking to Walt and trying to find his dad, turns up at Texas' house and she gives him the birth certificate before kicking him out for being ignorant to her. He looks at the piece of paper and realises his real name is Mark Blake. He finally saw his father Patrick Blake and twin sister Sienna Blake for the first time at the boat house, causing Dirk angry at Patrick for what he did to his wife. Dodger's twin sister Sienna discover Will and Texas have an affair and sex together at night, but later told that by Will at Myra and Dirk engagement party, like Sienna, Dodger was angry at Will and Texas for their affair and sex, causing Will fall down the stairs and left parlayed. Dodger and Sienna did not forgive Texas for what she did. Dodger was completed shocked when his mother Anna had arrived at the village, Anna try to explain them why she left, and how his father had beaten her, as Dodger told her how Will was suffered an depressed for the whole years, since she left, and causing Anna heartbroken to her son, and how she try to killed him and Sienna when they were young. Later on, Dodger forgives her, and he discover that he was drowned at the bath-tub and was devastated.

Dodger walks in on Will attempting to kill Ash and sees that he can really walk and hears that he killed Texas and Anna but before he has the chance to say anything, an explosion from Ste and Doug's leaving party erupts into the Kane's flat. After gaining consciousness, Dodger confronts Will about what he's just witnessed and tells him that he's dead to him, before attempting to help him up to his feet until the floor collapses taking both Will and Dodger down. As Dodger lies in the rubble pleading with Will to help him, Will tells him that he's dead to him before more rubble falls from above on top of Dodger. Dirk and Patrick worry where Dodger is and why he has not been found. He is later brought out by paramedics and Patrick tells everyone he's alive. In hospital Will tries to suffocate Dodger but is interrupted by Dirk. When he wakes up he can't remember anything. Dodger goes to the police when Dennis, Martha and himself have pieced together everything and have realised Will is responsible for killing Anna and Texas. Dodger rushes off to Anna's house when he finds out Will's held everyone hostage. In their final showdown on top of the roof, Will tells Dodger to push him but Dodger knows if he does, he will go down for murder, so tells Will to jump. When Will slips Dodger tries to save him but Will pulls him and they both fall to the ground, leaving Will unable to walk and Dodger with a sprained arm.

Dodger bad news was worst, as his twin sister Sienna had fake her pregnancy and kidnapped Darren son Oscar, Tom Cunningham, and Nancy nephew Charlie, and she failed to kill Darren, after he save him, Sienna was later arrested, but only was selected to mental illness place, and discover that she had a daughter, Dodger support her and will find her daughter. Dodger protect Sienna after Tom and Peri Lomax campaign against her, including the residents of the Hollyoaks, which he was angry at everyone for it. Dodger told Tom and Peri about Sienna's father how their mother left her along with him, and also having a daughter and put it to adoption, causing Tom and Peri forgive Sienna for their actions.

Dodger loves Maxine Minniver(Nikki Sanderson). Dodgers twin sister Sienna develops feelings for him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Maxine. Sienna tricks Maxine into leaving and messages her from Dodger phone saying he doesn't love her, Dodger realises this and plans to leave with her. Sienna then stabs him in the leg to stop him leaving. Patrick tells Sienna that Dodger is Nico's father. This makes her want him more. When Theresa gets out of prison she goes into labour and tells Mercedes to get Dodger. Dodger arrives at the hospital and finds out he's the father of Theresa's little girl. As Dodger is about to leave for LA, Sienna kidnaps him. Dodger soon escapes after Sienna believes that Dodger is correct and she needs help. When they are going home, Sienna becomes paranoid and is about to leave. Dodger tries to stop her however loses control of the car and accidentally hits Sinead O'Connor (Stephanie Davis). When Will break-out in court, Dodger began to turn against him, and was still angry at him how he killed Texas and their mother Anna two years ago, with this caused Dodger departs the village, followed by Will actions, leaving Theresa and Maxine devastated, and later on he cannot attend Will funeral, due to still angry at him for his actions, although he was informed by Sienna, who also refused to attend for what Will did to their mother, while his half sister Liberty and her cousin Dennis also didn't attend the funeral.

In April 2015, Sienna called Dodger and told him that their father had ALS, and was thinking about to return Hollyoaks when he passes away.


In March 2011, it was announced that Liberty Savage's (Abi Phillips) family would be introduced to Hollyoaks.[1] Actor Danny Mac was cast in the role of Dodger Savage, the brother of Liberty and Will (James Atherton) and the son of Dirk (David Kennedy), following a stint in the West End musical Wicked.[1] Of his casting, Mac commented: "I am over the moon, the last few weeks have been crazy and Dodger's kept me on my toes every second. It's exciting never knowing what he's going to get up to next, and believe me the limits are endless. I can't wait for people to meet him! [...] I am proud to be a Savage and live in anticipation every moment to see what the next move is for the family!"[1] Of the family and their introduction, a Hollyoaks spokesperson added: "The new family will take the village by storm and are set to rub all the McQueens up the wrong way. The Savage family get evicted from their home when Dirk can't keep up with the payments. [...] big brother Dodger has a new house for them to live in! While the McQueens are away on holiday, Dodger moves his family into the empty house and declares squatters' rights!"[1]



Mac described Dodger as having the ability to "always find his way out of any mess" adding that Dodger was like "a crap Jack Bauer".[3] He has explained that his character is "a bit cocky and he thinks that he's got it all".[4] Speaking of Dodger's capability to settle down, Mac said he is "human being and as he meets people and forms relationships" so the character is capable of settling down. He added that there is more to Dodger than "just sleeping around and being cocky" which would be further explored in future. On the different sides of Dodger, Mac said they had been developed since he initially appeared citing the fact that people initially thought of the character as two-dimensional as proof.[4] Dodger is described as "cheeky",[5] "randy",[6] a "charmer"[7] and the "local womaniser".[8] He has also been described as a "wily and quick-witted character".[9]


Mac hoped that his future storylines would include his character's relationship with his family, adding that he felt the chemistry between his onscreen family is "really good". Mac explained that there is not "much drama" in the Savage family and that they are "loyal to each other and very straight with their morals".[4] Mac went on to add that future storylines would see the family brought together and would allow the audience to "discover more about them as a family".[4] Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) is later introduced as Dodger's cousin. Tracini explained that the family dynamic is "quite a real one" adding that people can relate to the family.[10] Explaining the character's relationship with Dodger, he said Dodger is "not very happy" to see Dennis when he arrives and he tells Dennis he can not live with the family[11] but despite this Dennis would usually side with Dodger in family disputes.[10] Atherton said that Dennis "idolises" Dodger which leads to Will ignoring Dennis.[12] Atherton said that there is a "brotherly rivalry" between Dodger and Will, explaining that it is due to Will becoming tired of Dodger getting all of their father's affection.[12] He went on to add that the tension between the pair has been building and will soon come to a conclusion. During the conclusion Dodger and Will fight, which Atherton explained is a "proper brotherly scrap" as neither want to hurt the other but they show lots of anger and frustration during the fight.[12] In 2012, it was announced that Dodger real family The Blakes will be appear in the series, which was his real father Patrick and twin sister Sienna.

Relationship with Texas and Jodie[edit]

Dodger has a casual relationship with Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove). Dodger also begins a casual relationship with Jodie Wilde (Montanna Manning). Texas and Jodie are also attracted to each other. Mac explained that the relationship between the trio is a "friends with benefits" relationship. He added that the three characters are "so different" yet they share the trait of not wanting to be "tied down".[4] On who his character is more attracted to of the two, Mac said it "literally depends on the day". He has a long history with Texas and is "massively attracted" to her although he likes that Jodie is attracted to both sexes.[4] Mac cited Jodie's dance exams as developing the relationships.[4] A Hollyoaks insider commented on the relationship, explaining that Texas is "torn" between the two as she has "felt the chemistry" with Dodger but she has a "closeness" to Jodie.[13] Mac revealed that the relationship would continue to develop although he felt that Dodger needed to remain a "lone ranger" for the present.[4] Mac hoped that there would be an eventual climax to the relationships.[4]


On November 21, 2014 it was announced that Mac had decided to leave the show; his final scenes are due to air in early 2015. It was revealed that Mac had decided to leave the show in October 2013, but producers kept his departure a secret until November 2014.[14]


For his role of Dodger Mac won "Sexiest Male" at the 2011 Inside Soap Awards.[15] He was later nominated in the category of "Best Newcomer" at the 2012 National Television Awards.[16] At the 2012 British Soap Awards Mac was nominated for "Sexiest Male".[17] He has since been nominated for "Sexiest Male" at the 2012 Inside Soap Awards.[18] For his portrayal Mac accumulated an online fanbase, which Mac felt was due to his character's "bad boy status".[19] Colleague Joe Tracini, who plays Dennis, opined that Mac is "bloody brilliant" in his performance as Dodger.[10]

During his tenure, Dodger's appearance has been commented on by several media sources. Writing for All About Soap Laura Morgan said Dodger "is the true definition of a sexy soap stud" and said the magazine "love him" already.[20] The Sun's television magazine Buzz branded Dodger a hunk and observed him as being an "instant hit with the ladies".[21] Nick Levine writing for Digital Spy's gay men's blog "Gay Spy" felt Dodger's entrance into the serial in which he strips off was the way "to make an entrance!" He went on to post images of Dodger's entrance branding it "Danny Mac's torsotastic debut".[22] Sophie Wilson of Heat also commented on Dodger's appearance, saying the character's part in a trailer for the serial is to stroll around and look "F-I-T as always".[23] In his weekly Soap column Anthony D. Langford of AfterElton said he was unsure why Amy had sex with Dodger "other than he’s amazingly hot. Which might be reason enough".[24]


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