Doll Graveyard

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Doll Graveyard
Directed by Charles Band
Produced by Charles Band
Written by August White
Starring Jared Kusnitz
Hannah Marks
Ken Lyle
Distributed by Full Moon Entertainment
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
71 minutes
Language English

Doll Graveyard is a 2005 film by Full Moon Features. It was directed by Charles Band.[1]


In 1911, an abusive father forces his daughter, Sophia, to bury her four beloved handmade dolls (an African warrior, a German soldier, a baby, and a samurai[2]) in their backyard, despite her pleas. After the girl accidentally falls into the dolls' grave and breaks her neck, the stepfather buries her with the dolls to conceal his crime.[clarification needed]

One hundred years later, the house is now occupied by the Fillbrook family: young Guy, his teenage sister Deedee, and their father. Guy is frequently the victim of Tom and Rich, a pair of older bullies whom Deedee admires. Like Sophia, Guy is shy and retiring, preferring to stay in his room with his vast collection of action figures.

While doing yardwork, Guy discovers the samurai doll in the backyard. Suspecting the doll is valuable, he decides to clean it up, in spite of the protests of his older sister, Deedee, who accuses him of avoiding work. Later, when their father goes out on a date, Deedee invites her friends, Olivia and Terri, over for a party. Guy reluctantly agrees to keep the party secret after he learns that Terri enjoys some of the same action figures as he does.

Meanwhile, Olivia secretly invites Tom and Rich to their party. The boys break into Guy's room, bully him, tie him to a chair, and break one of his precious action figures before leaving to party with the girls. At this, the spirit of Sophia possesses the samurai doll and resurrects the other buried dolls to take revenge on Guy's tormentors by killing them in gruesome ways, before moving on to attack the girls.[3]


A sequel was predicted due to the ending of the original film. However no plans or projects have been planned as of December 2012.

Spin off[edit]

Ooga Booga, a film based on the African warrior doll, was released March 12, 2013.[4]

The Dolls[edit]

  • Ooga Booga
  • German Soldier
  • Baby Girl
  • Samurai

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