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Dominaria Icon
ReleasedApril 27, 2018
Size269 cards
Development codeSoup
Expansion codeDOM
Rivals of Ixalan Core Set 19

Dominaria is a Magic: The Gathering expansion set.[1] It is not part of a block. In celebration of Magic the Gathering's 25th anniversary, the story returned to the plane of Dominaria. The expansion was released on April 27, 2018.[2]


  • History: Dominaria is the plane where much of the past Magic: The Gathering story was set. Thus, for this expansion, the designers wished to reference that history and make it a relevant part of the gameplay.


  • Saga Cards: Enchantments that use lore counters in order to trigger an ability, or chapter. Each saga has three "chapters", the first effect activating when the enchantment enters the battlefield and the following two effects triggering at the end of the controller's following draw steps. The saga enchantment is sacrificed after the third chapter.
  • Historic: New keyword for referencing Artifact, Saga, and Legendary cards.
  • Legendary Sorcery: A card subtype that can only be played if a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker is on the battlefield.
  • Kicker: A returning mechanic that allows a player to pay an additional cost when casting the spell with the kicker ability to get an additional effect.
  • Hexproof from ...: A new version of the hexproof ability in which the permanent cannot be targeted by spells or abilities controlled by an opponent that have a certain specified quality such as a specific color.[3]

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