Domnina of Terni

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Saint Domnina of Terni
Martyr, Virgin
Died 269 AD
Terni, Italy
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast April 14

Saint Domnina is venerated as a martyr by the Catholic Church.[1] According to tradition, she was martyred at Terni (known as Interamna Nahars in antiquity) along with ten consecrated virgins[2] in the mid-3rd century, at the same time that Saint Valentine, bishop of Terni was killed.[1]

According to one source, "All the Martyrologies commemorate them, but whether there were not in the same locality two or more Virgin-Martyrs by name Domnina is altogether uncertain." [3] According to Ludovico Jacobilli, Domnina's death should be dated later, to the time of Totila (6th century).[3]


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