Don't Play That Song Again

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United Kingdom "Don't Play That Song Again"
Nicki French - Don't Play That Song Again.jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 2000 entry
John Springate, Gerry Shephard
John Springate, Gerry Shephard
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"Don't Play That Song Again" was the UK entry for the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest. The song was performed by Nicki French, already a well-known name, having had a worldwide hit in 1995 with a cover of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart": on the night she wore a lilac trenchcoat over a bright purple two-piece outfit.


The song's composer John Springate had in 1994 produced French's first recording of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - which preceded her 1995 hit recording - and Springate had asked French to perform "Don't Play That Song Again" to vie at Song For Europe 2000 where the song came first in a field of four with total televotes of 47,355.

At Eurovision[edit]

The scoring for Eurovision 2000 began with "Don't Play that Song Again" receiving a single point from the first reporting jury (that being Israel): subsequently "Don't Play That Song Again" was awarded points by only seven of the twenty-one (not counting the UK) remaining juries with both the Maltese and the Turkish jury responding best to "Don't Play That Song Again" by awarding it six points. At the close of the voting "Don't Play That Song Again" had accrued a vote tally of 28 points to earn sixteenth place in a field of twenty-four - the worst ever showing for a UK entry up to that time.[1]


"Don't Play That Song Again" reached No.34 on the UK Charts, the lowest chart placing for a British Eurovision entry since 1989.[2]

Chart (2000) Peak
UK Singles Official Charts Company[3] 34


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