Donghai Bridge Wind Farm

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Donghai Bridge Wind Farm
Donghai Bridge Wind Farm.jpg
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Locationnext to Donghai Bridge, Shanghai, East China Sea
Coordinates30°46′12″N 121°59′38″E / 30.770°N 121.994°E / 30.770; 121.994Coordinates: 30°46′12″N 121°59′38″E / 30.770°N 121.994°E / 30.770; 121.994
Construction beganJuly 2008
Commission dateJuly 6, 2010
Owner(s)Shanghai Electric Group
Wind farm
Max. water depth7 m (23 ft)[1]
Distance from shore9 km (6 mi)[1]
Hub height91 m (299 ft)[1]
Rotor diameter90 m (295 ft)[1]
Site area14 km2 (5 sq mi)[1]
Power generation
Units operational34 × 3 MW[1]
Make and modelSinovel: SL3000/90[1]
Nameplate capacity102 MW
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The Donghai Bridge Wind Farm is a 102 MW offshore wind farm close to the Donghai Bridge, Shanghai and is capable of powering 200,000 households. It started producing and transmitting power to the mainland grid on July 6, 2010.[2] It is the first commercial offshore wind farm in China.[3]

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