Donna D'Cruz

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Donna D'Cruz
OccupationMusician, DJ, Producer, Meditation Leader, Wellness/Sleep Advocate
Years active1997–present

Donna D'Cruz is an Indian-born musician who has lived in Australia and the United States. She is an international DJ, and she founded the record label Rasa Music.

Early life[edit]

Donna D'Cruz was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India and raised in Australia. She grew up musically inclined in a household steeped in faith and tradition, but did not begin her meditation practice until she was 17.[1]


Donna D’Cruz moved to New York City where she co-founded Australian Music International and went on to found her own record label, Rasa Music in 1998.[2] She is also one of the world's top celebrity DJ's having performed at parties for Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana productions.[3]


In 2007, Donna D’Cruz received the Asian Women in Business Entrepreneurial Leadership Award.[4] Additionally, in 2007 she was recognized by Condé Nast Publications as a “Trendsetter” and by Paper as one of the world's “Most Beautiful People”;[5] she was also elected by Vogue as a member of the Vogue100.[6]


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