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DOR or Dor or DoR may refer to: The strong feeling of nostalgia, of wanting to go back to a certain feeling, place, or person. It's a word in the Romanian language.

Computer games and characters[edit]

Film and television[edit]


  • Dör, a village in Hungary
  • Dor, Iran, a village in Isfahan Province, Iran
  • Dor, Israel, a moshav in northern Israel
  • Tel Dor, an archaeological site in Israel on the site of Dor or Dora, an ancient royal city of the Canaanites
  • Dori Airport, an airport in Burkina Faso with the IATA code DOR

Government and holidays[edit]


  • Georges Dor (1931–2001), Québécois author, composer, playwright, singer, poet, translator, theatrical producer and director
  • Karin Dor (born 1936), German actress
  • Milo Dor (1923–2005), Serbian-Austrian author
  • Rod McKuen (born 1933), who used Dor as a stage name on some 1950s recordings