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DOR or Dor or DoR may refer to:

Computer games and characters[edit]

Film and television[edit]


  • Dör, a village in Hungary
  • Dor, Iran, a village in Isfahan Province, Iran
  • Dor, Israel, a moshav in northern Israel
  • Ein Dor, a kibbutz in northern Israel
  • Tel Dor, an archaeological site in Israel on the site of Dor or Dora, an ancient royal city of the Canaanites
  • Dori Airport, an airport in Burkina Faso with the IATA code DOR
  • Dor paleo-tsunami, a paleo-tsunami about 9,500 years ago with coastal wave height of 16 to 40 m that travelled 1.5 to 3.5 km and manifested at Tel Dor

Government and holidays[edit]


Given name

  • Dor Bahadur Bista (born ca. 1924-1926), Nepalese anthropologist, social scientist and activist
  • Dor Daniel, Israeli singer songwriter
  • Dor Elo (born 1993), Israeli football player
  • D'or Fischer (born 1981), American-Israeli basketball player
  • Dor Guez, Israeli artist and scholar
  • Dor Hugi, Israeli football player
  • Dor Malul (born 1989), Israeli football player
  • Dor Micha (born 1992), Israeli football player
  • Dor Peretz (born 1995), Israeli football player


  • Friðrik Dór (born 1988), Icelandic R&B and pop singer and songwriter
  • Georges Dor (1931–2001), Québécois author, composer, playwright, singer, poet, translator, theatrical producer and director
  • Gil Dor (born 1952), Israeli guitar player
  • Henri Dor (1835–1912), Swiss ophthalmologist
  • Jacqueline Dor (1929–1972), French film actress
  • Karin Dor (1936–2017), German actress
  • Milo Dor (1923–2005), Serbian-Austrian author
  • Rena Dor (1917–2000), Greek actress and a singer

Surname Ben-Dor

  • Gisele Ben-Dor (born 1955), American Israeli orchestra conductor of Uruguayan origin
  • Oren Ben-Dor, professor of law and philosophy


  • Rod McKuen (born 1933), who used Dor as a stage name on some 1950s recordings



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