Dorsa Aldrovandi

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Oblique Apollo 17 panoramic camera image

Dorsa Aldrovandi is a wrinkle ridge system at 24°00′N 28°30′E / 24.0°N 28.5°E / 24.0; 28.5 in Mare Serenitatis on the Moon. It is about 136 km long and was named after the 16th century Italian naturalist Ulissi Aldrovandi in 1976. It starts roughly parallel to Dorsa Smirnov. The north end of the feature is at the crater Le Monnier, and the south end is close to the craters Clerke and Abetti.

Southeast of the ridge is Catena Littrow. West of the southernmost part of the ridge are the crater Borel and the nearest other wrinkly ridge known as Dorsa Lister.

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