Dorsa Smirnov

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LRO image of Dorsa Smirnov
Apollo 15 view of the dorsa facing north, with the crater Luther on the horizon. The spacecraft would have been approximately above the crater Very when the photograph was taken.

File: Dorsa Smirnov is a wrinkle ridge system at 27°18′N 25°18′E / 27.3°N 25.3°E / 27.3; 25.3 in eastern Mare Serenitatis on the Moon. It is 222 km long and was named after Sergei Sergeevich Smirnov by the IAU in 1976.[1]

The small crater Very is adjacent to the Dorsa. Dorsa Lister are roughly parallel with Dorsa Smirnov and to the south of them. Dorsa Aldrovandi are roughly parallel to Dorsa Smirnov and to the east at the edge of the mare.


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