Dot and the Bunny

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Dot and the Bunny
Directed by Yoram Gross
Produced by Yoram Gross
Written by Yoram Gross
John Palmer
Starring Barbara Frawley
Robyn Moore
Music by Bob Young
Cinematography Douglass Baglin
Edited by Christopher Plowright
Distributed by Satori
Release date
3 April 1983 (1983-04-03)
Running time
Country Australia
Language English

Dot and the Bunny is a 1983 Australian animated film.[1]


Dot ventures out into the bush determined to finally locate the little lost joey and reunite him with his mother. On her way she meets a silly bunny rabbit who tries to convince Dot that he is the joey she is looking for. Dot is delighted by his antics and names her new companion 'Funny Bunny'. Together they continue the search for the joey. On the way Dot learns that Funny Bunny is really a very lonely rabbit. His family was killed by hunters and he has been on his own ever since. They find mother kangaroo, and though she has not yet found her joey, when she sees the lonely bunny she realizes she has found someone else to look after.



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