Double Bonus

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Not to be confused with the basketball double bonus.
Double Bonus
Genre Fantasy
Lunar New Year
Written by Chen Sew Khoon
Goh Chwee Chwee
Starring Zoe Tay
Terence Cao
Michelle Chia
Zhang Yao Dong
Mimi Chu
Chen Shucheng
Tom Price
Opening theme Music
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 23
Producer(s) Soh Bee Lian
Running time 60 minutes (approx.)
Distributor MediaCorp TV
Original network Mediacorp Channel 8
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original release January 3 (2012-01-03) – February 3, 2012 (2012-02-03)
Preceded by A Song to Remember
Followed by Rescue 995
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Double Bonus is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. This drama serial consists of 23 episodes. It made its debut on 3 Jan 2012 and was screened on Channel 8 at 2100hrs on every weekday night.


Yongjia BBQ Pork is a century old shop famed for its bak kwa. The owner of Yongjia, Jin Wentao (portrayed by Chen Shucheng) is not interested in running the business. So his wife, Shujiao (portrayed by Zhu Mi Mi) is the one who helms it. The profit margin for bak kwa is high, giving rise to the opening of numerous bak kwa shops. Although competition is stiff, Wentao insists on providing his customers good quality bak kwa at reasonable prices. Life is simple and routine for the Jins. The Jins' eldest son, Junjie (portrayed by Terence Cao), is a kind and easy-going person. He graduated from polytechnic and found a well-paying job. However, he quit his job to help out at Yongjia as he could not bear to see Shujiao work so hard. His wife, Meifeng (portrayed by Zoe Tay) is a hardworking and unassuming person who works tirelessly beside her husband without complaint at Yong Xiang. The second son and his wife, Junyang (portrayed by Zhang Yaodong) and Isabella (portrayed by Michelle Chia), are full of drive and ambition. Shujiao quietly helps Junyang to set up his own bak kwa business and finances the venture.[1]


Cast Role Relationship
Zoe Tay Li Meifeng Junjie's wife
Little Handsome God (possessed) Possessed Meifeng
Little Fortune God's younger brother
Terence Cao Jin Junjie Meifeng's husband
Son of Shujiao and Wentao
Michelle Chia Isabella Junyang's wife
Owner of New Yong Jia
Zhang Yao Dong Jin Junyang Isabella's husband
Second son of Shujiao and Wentao
Owner of New Yong Jia
Tracy Lee Jin Peiling Air stewardess
Youngest daughter of Shujiao and Wentao
Michael's ex-girlfriend
Romeo's girlfriend
Ya Hui Tian Mi Tian Xin's younger sister
Kate Pang Tian Xin A tenant of Shujiao's
Daqi's girlfriend
Tom Price (白梓軒) Romeo Yang A tenant of Shujiao's
Fitness instructor
Peiling's boyfriend
Little Fortune God (possessed) Possessed Romeo
Little Handsome God's brother
Rayson Tan Liu Daqi Shujiao's "long lost brother"
Tian Xin's boyfriend
Mimi Chu Liu Shujiao Wentao's wife
Owner of Yongjia Bakkwa
Chen Shucheng Jin Wentao Shujiao's husband
Hong Damu Yang Lifang Meifeng's mother
Romeo's "girlfriend"
Bobby Tonelli Michael American accent
Peiling's ex-boyfriend

Star Awards 2013 Nominations[edit]

  • Jason Lee Kok Yang, who played the role of Little Handsome God, is nominated for the Young Talent Award, but the award went to Lyn Oh Ling En for It Takes Two.


  • The show was pre empted on 23 & 24 January due to New Year Specials
  • The show was also pre empted on 22 January due to Lunar New Year Countdown.

Overseas broadcast[edit]

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale
 Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing 20 February 2012 22 March 2012

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