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Dream Command was an alternate name for the band The Comsat Angels, used briefly in their history. In 1990, they released one album under this name (Fire on the Moon), but never performed live with it[1] and never used it again.

The reason for the name change has never been fully explained, but it was likely because of legal pressure from the Communications Satellite Corporation. In 1982, this US-based company wrote a series of letters to the bands' management saying that "the word Comsat was a registered trade mark in America and that the group had no authority to use the name."[2] The name Comsat Angels was actually taken from a short story written by J.G. Ballard.[3] As a result of the threatened lawsuit, the band was forced to perform and release their records in the US under the name "The C.S. Angels."[4] The band also performed once in Sheffield, England in 1987 under the name "The Headhunters."[1]

Fire on the Moon was released only in the US and Netherlands.[5] Afterwards the band resumed using the name The Comsat Angels.


Fire on the Moon, 1990 Island Records

"Celestine" (single), 1990 Island Records

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