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The Dulebs (Dulebes) or (more correctly) Dulebi ([Дуле́бы] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), [Дуліби] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) were one of the tribal unions of Early East Slavs[citation needed] between the 6th (still questionable) and the 10th centuries. Very little is known of them, with the main source being a handful of mentions in the Primary Chronicle.

The Chronicle describes them as a tribe that formerly lived along the Bug River, in what is today western Ukraine.[1]

Some medieval sources[who?] also mention the Dulebs' presence in Western Volhynia, today's Czech Republic, Middle Danube, between Lake Balaton and the Mursa River (Drava).[citation needed]

According to the Primary Chronicle, the Dulebi suffered greatly from the invasion of the Avars in the late 6th - early 7th century. In 907, the Dulebian unit took part in Oleg's military campaign against Czargrad (Constantinople).[2]

The Dulebs and their ruler were also mentioned in one of the works of an Arab geographer Al-Masudi.[citation needed]

It appears that the Dulebi tribal union disintegrated in the 10th century, assimilated with the Volhynians and Buzhans and became part of the Kievan Rus'. [1]

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